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Cloud-based practice management software and electronic health record. Enabling health practitioners to meet the demands of modern healthcare.


Built for primary and community care teams to improve collaboration and integration of services.

Virtual Health Platform

Virtual Health Platform is Telstra Health’s virtual care solution trusted by hospitals and health service, allied care, aged care and community care providers.

Kyra Clinical

Kyra Clinical helps public and private health facilities around Australia securely and efficiently capture and manage patient information.

Kyra Flow

Kyra Flow can help improve patient flow in your hospital, optimise patient movement in your outpatient clinics and enhance overall clinical care.

Smart Telehealth

Smart Telehealth integrates into your clinical workflow, enabling practitioners to access patient health records within MedicalDirector Clinical and Helix. Simplify processes for better care remotely.

Smart Care

Smart Care makes it easy to set up, populate and review care plans, while promoting compliance with Medicare. Customise templates to suit the needs of your practice and start empowering even more patients to monitor and manage their health.

Kyra IQ

Kyra IQ is a is a powerful health data warehouse that simplifies business intelligence and mandatory management reporting. It provides a consolidated view of data across legacy and new hospital systems and supports data-driven decision making, allowing you to devote more time and resources to patient care.


Electronic health records and clinical management software. Empower your practice with a trusted solution.

Smart Clinical Decision Support

Smart Clinical Decision Support utilises AI-driven educational information, empowering clinicians to make informed decisions efficiently. Each concise, structured message focuses on early detection and preventive measures for chronic illnesses in patients.

Smart Shield

Smart Shield protects your practice from cyber security attacks with a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

Smart Research

Smart Research makes it easy for you to access the latest medical research and clinical knowledge from anywhere, anytime.

Smart Visual Dashboards

Smart Visual Dashboards provide intuitive practice insights, reducing wait times and improving patient experiences. Our revenue reporting tool forecasts income, cuts admin overheads, transforming healthcare practices.


PowerAnalytics provides comprehensive performance reporting for the evaluation of operational and financial performance for Healthcare Providers.

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MedPoint allows prescribers serving residential aged care to update a resident’s medication chart electronically, removing the manual process of sending charts to the pharmacy for aged care providers, and supports efficient pharmacy workflows.

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Resident Manager

Resident Manager is specially designed to help streamline Services Australia events and simplify the admission and leave processes.

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Message Manager

Message Manager software enables residential aged care providers to quickly and easily communicate with residents’ loved ones.

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CareKeeper helps residential aged care providers Australia-wide document quickly and easily via a mobile device right by the resident’s side.

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Medication Management

Medication Management helps residential aged care providers improve workflow efficiencies and better manage the medication administration process.

Kyra PAS

Kyra PAS is designed to bridge workflows, eliminate multiple data sources, and grow with singular or multi-site health organisations to ultimately form a foundation to all healthcare.


FredIT Pharmacy Solutions

Fred provides a product suite to support all aspects of running your pharmacy.


PowerRCM offers world-best Hospital Billing Technology (PowerBilling & Revenue Collection - PBRC), superior high quality expertise and resources, to enable a successful transformation of a healthcare institutions' revenue cycle management system.


Clinical diagnosis and procedure codes are assigned to acute admitted episodes. The AR-DRG Grouper classifies these episodes into DRGs that reflect resource consumption and clinical similarities.


PowerBudget streamlines the budgeting and reporting process, freeing up financial managers and department heads to be more strategic and your health service to be more agile and responsive given the constant change health care is now experiencing. PowerBudget delivers a unified planning, reporting, consolidation and analytics solutions that are modern, powerful and intuitive, with collaboration and web access from anywhere.

PowerBilling and Revenue Collection

PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) is an enterprise-level patient billing system specifically designed for the healthcare industry. It connects to your existing operational systems, gathering service data to support real-time hospital billing, therefore automating the billing process. PBRC integrates with patient management and clinical systems to generate invoices using local billing rules

PowerPerformance Manager (PPM)

PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) is a web-based system that calculates hospital service delivery costs, integrating private and public funding revenue, therefore providing accurate reports easily and regularly.

Kyra Medications

Kyra Medications helps public and private health facilities around Australia with efficient and transparent medications management. Find out how we can help you today

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Health Information Exchange

Redefining Health Information Exchange with Australia's first FHIR-native data platform. In an exclusive partnership with Smile Digital Health, we are proud to introduce Smile's HL7® FHIR® Health Data Platform solution and integration platform to Australia and New Zealand.

Kyra Flow – Patient Flow Manager

Patient Flow Manager has been trusted by Australian Hospitals for over 20 years to help improve performance and efficiency. Its modular and flexible design can be customised to help address key challenges and requirements within your health service and enable full visibility of key information for your care teams.

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eRx Script Exchange

eRx Script Exchange is Australia’s largest prescription exchange service for GPs, pharmacists, and patients.

Kyra Flow – Queue Manager

Queue Manager has significantly helped improve patient movement in outpatient clinics around Australia.

Smart Marketplace

Smart Marketplace is a single gateway of seamless integration for partners looking to connect digitally with Telstra Health services, surpassing common barriers of integration, such as tiered services and fees.

Smart Manager

Smart Manager is an innovative suite of health management tools designed to empower healthcare managers, administrators, and owners with the resources needed to deliver exceptional patient experiences.

Smart Clinician

Smart Clinician is a comprehensive suite of healthcare management tools for GP's and Practice managers, including Visual Dashboards, Telehealth, Program Finder, Care Coordination, Clinical Support, Communication, and Research tools.

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MedView is the national cloud-based platform which hosts a range of eHealth applications that help Australian healthcare professionals make medicine use safer for their patients.

Clinical Content

Our global comprehensive range of clinical content coupled with data insights is designed to enhance decision support at the point of care and enable better health outcomes.


Australia’s holistic and accurate medicines information resource.


On-premise patient management software for general practice. Manage your practice with ease and efficiency.

Kyra Partners

We partner with other Australian companies to create a seamless experience for clinicians and other end users. ​

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Clinical Manager

Clinical Manager helps residential aged care providers Australia-wide improve the way they manage administrative processes and provide resident care.

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Enterprise Provider Directory

The Enterprise Provider Directory has helped hospitals and large health providers around Australia better manage their provider information and communicate with confidence and accuracy.


Trusted online practice management software designed to meet the needs of all specialists

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electronic Work Capacity Certificates

The electronic Work Capacity Certificate (eWCC) is an electronic format of the Work Capacity Certificate that enables doctors to quickly and efficiently certify patient capacity and prescribe treatment.

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Secure Messaging

Use Secure Messaging to securely communicate confidential patient information quickly and reliably.

Day Surgery

Advanced software for specialist surgeries and day hospitals