At Telstra Health we’re not just connecting data, we’re prioritising value-based care to enhance experiences for both patients and healthcare providers

Digital connectivity and information sharing across care settings is key to enhancing the patient and clinician experience and delivering better care outcomes.

With millions of interactions spanning the entire healthcare continuum, from aged care and hospitals to virtual health in the home models of care, our dedication to connected care remains unwavering.

Our focus extends beyond interoperability; we’re dedicated to shaping the seamless and secure flow of health data from one health system to another to solve connected healthcare, and we’re doing this by making information sharing in real time a reality.

We’re powering the current drive to connected healthcare and helping create the future of digital healthcare, in Australia and internationally.

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The Telstra Health team includes clinicians expert software developers and solution architects, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, health policy experts, health information managers and other health tech specialists who deliver digital solutions that connect hospitals to the health ecosystem, create efficiencies and support clinical teams to deliver safe, high-quality care and positive patient experiences.

At Telstra Health, we ensure the safety, security, and quality of our solutions through rigorous governance and clinical input, managed by internal and external Information Security Governance Forums. Where data confidentiality is concerned, we have implemented robust cryptography (both in-transit and at-rest) across all tiers of a solution.

Telstra Health stands as Australia’s premier provider of digital solutions and services for healthcare providers and governments across the entire care continuum, spanning prevention, primary care, hospitals, aged care, and social service systems. We’re recognised for our ability to efficiently deliver significant, scalable solutions for improving patient and clinician experiences and health outcomes.

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