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We understand the complexities and increasing pressures hospitals and their clinicians face, both inside the hospital, managing outpatient services and connecting to patients and clinicians in the community. We are here to listen, understand your problems and help you find solutions enabled by our digital hospital solution.

Our unique, clinically-led digital hospital solutions help enable healthcare organisations to improve patient safety and patient experiences.

Our capabilities and technologies help ensure multidisciplinary clinical teams and referring practitioners can work together to provide more efficient healthcare throughout the patient journey.

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We work with you to ensure adoption by clinicians and employees to increase operational efficiencies such as sophisticated referral management, revenue capture and patient flow, and ensure clinicians are empowered to make informed clinical decisions resulting in better patient outcomes.

Our goal is to be your digital health partner, identifying together your business problems and providing solutions that are smart, clinically safe, deliver measurable benefits and fit for purpose. We evaluate all our digital solutions with you to ensure we have created real value and clinical benefits.


Financial Improvement Advisory

The sustainability and affordability of health care is a long-standing, global problem, that has been exacerbated by the additional demands on health care services as a result of the pandemic. Now more than ever, health care providers have to make difficult decisions about how to use their resources to manage the financial performance of their organisation, whilst maintaining high standards of patient care.

Our team brings decades of experience in financial management and improvement in health care. Together we have managed finance departments in private hospitals, led financial turnaround/cost improvement programs in public and private hospitals, led hospital-wide service and process redesign, managed large-scale organisational change, and we are exclusively Healthcare.
We work alongside your team to co-develop and co-deliver solutions, based on leading-edge analytics solutions.

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Our unique Hospital’s team is backed by experienced clinicians, expert software developers, solution architects, health information managers and other health tech specialists who deliver digital solutions that connect hospitals to the health ecosystem, create efficiencies and support clinical teams to deliver safe, high-quality care and positive patient experiences.

We work with leading public hospitals and private hospital groups including: Healthscope, St John of God Health Care, St Vincent’s, Monash Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, North Metropolitan health service, and Royal Rehab.

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