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PowerHealth help healthcare organisations deliver the highest quality medical care at the lowest operational costs. PowerHealth specialise in activity-based costing, hospital billing, healthcare budgeting, AR-DRG classification and digital wayfinding solutions.



PowerHealth’s digital health solutions help to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the health and aged care sectors globally.

PPM Case Studies

PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) is a web-based system that calculates hospital service delivery costs, integrating private and public funding revenue, therefore providing accurate reports easily and regularly.

Peninsula Health

PPM was implemented at Peninsula Health to improve the quality of clinical costing data results and address the credibility-gap that existed with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Victoria. View Case Study

Bairnsdale Regional Health Service

Empowerment, confidence and longevity in relationships remain a PowerHealth focus to add value to the client support process. These features have been core to our relationship with Bairnsdale Regional Health Service.

Based on the pain points being experienced, the Bairnsdale and PowerHealth team implemented PPM and a number of initiatives to support users, building confidence and efficiency around the VCDC submission process and ongoing costing function. View Case Study

Cabrini Health

Cabrini Health needed to understand their revenue and profitability to gain an edge in Hospital Purchaser-Provider Agreement (HPPA) price negotiations with private health insurance funds.

PPM Rulesets enabled Cabrini Health to accurately predict their future revenue and quantify private health fund provision options and price changes, to ensure optimum financial health. View Case Study

PBRC Case Studies

PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) is an enterprise-level patient billing system specifically designed for the healthcare industry, delivering functionality superior to generic ERP and financial systems.

Eastern Health

The implementation of PBRC across the Eastern Health (EH) network represented a fantastic opportunity for EH to streamline its billing processes, replacing 17 billing systems with PBRC as EH’s enterprise wide billing system, bringing about positive change for both patients and staff.

Improvements in patient experience were a major focus of the project, along with increases in revenue capture. View Case Study

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Peter Mac Cancer Centre wanted to stop revenue leakage and improve performance. When external consultants recommended an enterprise billing system, Peter Mac chose PowerHealth’s PBRC system, based on the return on investment (ROI) experienced by a similar hospital within the first year of implementation.

With PBRC, Peter Mac significantly improved billing efficiency, reducing 75% of manual tasks and lowering the inpatient submission-to-recovery period from seven weeks to one. Read the Case Study to find out more. View Case Study

Children’s Hospital Westmead

The Children’s Hospital Westmead (CHW) were exploring options to improve their pathology billing processes, and address their primary concern,  multiple billing systems. Exporting data to these systems required many manual processes, as did preparing and generating claims.

With PBRC, CHW successfully reduced the number of billing systems as well as significantly improving efficiencies for the Pathology Department. View Case Study


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