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The Telstra Health team includes clinicians, expert software developers and solution architects, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, health policy experts, health information managers and other health tech specialists, all of whom work together to help improve the delivery of care and support the patient journey.

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Solving connected health

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Digital connectivity and information sharing across care settings is key to enhancing the patient and clinician experience and delivering better care outcomes.

Telstra Health is powering the current drive to connected healthcare and helping create the future of digital healthcare, in Australia and internationally.

Telstra Health’s partnership with the CSIRO and strategic support of Sparked, the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) accelerator program, aims to help deliver a core set of FHIR standards for use in Australian healthcare settings and accelerate further adoption, foster innovation and lead to real improvements in Australia’s health and aged care systems.

Telstra Health and Smile Digital Health’s strategic partnership is bringing Smile’s HL7® FHIR® first Health Data Platform solution and integration platform to Australia and New Zealand.

Connectivity is only the start of our digital health journey as we look to the future of the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare and the growth of personalised medicine and genomics.

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Safety, security and privacy


We maintain rigorous governance and clinical input at scale to help ensure our solutions are safe, secure and high-quality. We employ formalised internal and external facing Information Security Governance Forums for ongoing management of Information Security Risks and Issues.

Our body of Information Security skills and experience in implementing such standards as the Australian Government ISM make Telstra Health uniquely placed to assist with delivering Health Grade solutions incorporating extremely high standards of Security. In addition, our dedicated team of Information Security, Technology and Project professionals with Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) Negative Vetting Level 1 (NV1) level clearances are available to assist with service project delivery and operational needs where required.

Where data confidentiality is concerned, we have implemented strong cryptography (both in-transit and at-rest) across all tiers of a solution, to help provide an additional level of assurance by decreasing the likelihood of side-channel access to data and assist in preventing bypass of access to control mechanisms.

Furthermore, we help leverage the capability, security and reach of Telstra, and we deploy additional technology to assist in the detection and management of security risks.

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A unique presence across health, aged care and social services sectors


Telstra Health is Australia’s largest provider of digital solutions and services to healthcare providers and governments across the care continuum from prevention, primary care, hospitals, aged care and social service systems.

We’re recognised for our ability to efficiently deliver significant, scalable solutions for improving patient and clinician experiences and health outcomes, and maintaining world-class healthcare systems, including Australia’s National Cancer Screening Register, real-time prescription monitoring and ePrescribing.

We provide innovative solutions in financial and health data analytics and AI, and efficient ways to help deliver care through virtual health monitoring.

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Our international presence


Our UK-based business, Telstra Health UK, is a leading provider of data-led population health management and analytics services to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) hospital trusts.

Our PowerHealth hospital software solutions support healthcare providers with key financial functions including billing, costing, revenue and budgeting across Europe, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and other countries.

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To realise a connected and improved digital health experience for all.

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