Key features

  • Compliance with all HL7 FHIR resources
  • Data exchange and integration
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Modern architecture
  • Data exchange and storage
  • Data storage and management

Advancing interoperability for better global health and more empowered patient experiences

At Telstra Health, we’re not just connecting data, we’re prioritising value-based care to enhance experiences for both patients and healthcare providers.

With millions of interactions spanning the entire healthcare continuum, from aged care and hospitals to virtual health in the home models of care, our dedication to connected care remains unwavering.

Our focus extends beyond interoperability; we’re dedicated to shaping the seamless and secure flow of health data from one health system to another to solve connected healthcare, and we’re doing this by making information sharing in real time a reality.

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Smile’s FHIR first Health Data Platform available in Australia and New Zealand

In an exclusive partnership with Smile Digital Health, we are proud to introduce Smile’s  HL7® FHIR® Health Data Platform solution and integration platform to Australia and New Zealand.

The solution is a scalable Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) native Health Data Platform which works with all HL7 FHIR resources, and enables the acceleration of interoperability and secure exchange of information across healthcare settings.

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About Smile Digital Health

Award-winning health data platform company, Smile Digital Health, has developed a Clinical Data Repository which is recognised globally as a best-in-class solution for healthcare data harmonisation, integration and information sharing.

Trusted by federal agencies, universities, governments, large Health Information Exchange (HIE) companies and private sector enterprises across the globe, Smile’s FHIR first Health Data Platform is the data fabric for your modern architecture.

By leveraging Smile Digital Health’s unique technology and capabilities, our health and aged care customers can benefit from successful digital transformations and can implement a FHIR-native technology stack that was built from the ground up to deliver interoperability and data exchange capabilities.

Redefining Health Information Exchange with Australia’s first FHIR-native data platform

The redefined Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform creates a more open, cohesive and vendor-neutral environment, making it easier for healthcare systems to communicate and collaborate effortlessly.

Telstra Health’s HIE, powered by Smile Digital Health’s FHIR first Health Data Platform, provides a centralised database for storing and managing electronic health information and clinical data from across various sources within and outside of a healthcare organisation. Built entirely on FHIR-native technology, the solution enables healthcare professionals to readily access a patient’s information and entire care journey from one solution.

With Australia choosing HL7 FHIR as its healthcare standard, the partnership supports the mandatory sharing of key health information across care settings. Governments and organisations within the public and private sectors can now benefit from the only scalable FHIR-native Health Data Platform, supported by modernised architecture, which works with all HL7 FHIR resources.


  • Compliance with all HL7 FHIR resources

    Fully compliant with the next-gen FHIR interoperability standard, allowing seamless integration with other FHIR-compliant systems.  The solution is also the only scalable FHIR-native Health Data Platform that works with all HL7 FHIR resources.

  • Data storage and management

    Provides robust and scalable infrastructure for safely storing and managing clinical data.

  • Data exchange and integration

    Facilitates the secure exchange of healthcare data between different systems, organisations, and applications.

  • Interoperability and integration

    Enables interoperability by acting as a bridge between different healthcare systems and applications.

  • Analytics and Insights

    Provides analytics capabilities, allowing organisations to gain insights from their clinical data.

  • Cost-effective solution

    The open-source nature allows organisations to leverage community-driven development, access a wide range of components and extensions, and reduces licensing costs typically associated with proprietary systems.

  • Modern architecture

    Transition to a modern architecture for improved scalability, flexibility and performance in healthcare data management.

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Why Telstra Health?

Telstra Health has a unique footprint and specialist capabilities across the health and aged care sectors in Australia and globally. Partnering with Smile Digital Health supports our drive to power the future of connected healthcare by making information sharing in real time a reality.

Through leveraging Smile Digital Health’s unique technology and capabilities, we can enhance the interoperability of health data, foster connected experiences and unlock value across the entire health and aged care continuum.

The strategic partnership with Smile Digital Health plays a pivotal role in achieving our vision of realising a connected and improved digital health experience for all by utilising open standards and a FHIR-first approach to build an interoperable Health Data Platform.

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