Key features

  • eSubscription Management
  • Single Sign On – Access Control System (ACS)
  • Clinical Content

About Clinical Content

Telstra Health provides aggregated clinical content solutions and innovative access and discovery technologies. Our global comprehensive range of clinical content coupled with data insights is designed to enhance decision support at the point of care and enable better health outcomes.

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eSubscription Management

We work with you and your research teams to optimise time and return on investment for all clinical content subscription requirements.

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Single Sign On – Access Control System (ACS)

ACS provides your organisation with the technology to help maximise the exposure of digital resources and collections. ACS was developed in Australia with Australian healthcare professionals and technologists.


Clinical Content

Through our managed services, we can assist your organisation to gain seamless access to evidence-based clinical content solutions, including advanced search-and-discovery technology. This enables you and your users to navigate your content effectively and efficiently.

Key product benefits

  • Covering all aspects of content delivery

    Our aggregated clinical content services cover all aspects of content delivery, including subscription management, search and discovery, SSO, remote access options, data analytics and 24/7 local support.

  • Managing the entire resource process

    We enable the entire resource management process from trial management and evaluation, license negotiation and procurement through to secure authentication and access, leaving more time for healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

  • Single Sign On – Efficient Access

    Access your content via our Australian developed and supported, federated identity management/proxy solution designed specifically for healthcare, to enable SSO and seamless onsite access.

  • Trusted source of knowledge

    We have over 27 years’ experience in clinical content resource management within the Australian health care industry. Over 300,000 health care professionals, librarians, researchers, and administrators utilise our solutions across public and private hospitals, aged care, general practice, professional health associations, universities, and other educational institutions.

  • Tailored to suit your needs

    Our customised content packages are tailored to your health discipline and environment. We work with you in sourcing relevant clinical content and assist in eliminating the need to contract with multiple publishers and agents.

  • Networking and currency

    Stay up to date and explore the latest medical research and advice from around the world via our network of over 40 leading Australian and international publishers, distributors, and specialist associations.

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