Key features

  • Facility Dashboard contains key figures such as occupancy rates and respite days.
  • Near real-time Services Australia integration to manage admissions, departures, leave and AN-ACC funding.
  • TechnologyOne finance integration to manage resident billing, payment, reporting and funding reconciliation.

Why Resident Manager?

Residential aged care providers Australia-wide are experiencing increases in admission rates and documentation and reporting requirements. Resident Manager is specially designed to help streamline Services Australia events and simplify the admission and leave processes.

Key product benefits

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Help minimise Services Australia rejections

Resident Manager easily integrates with Services Australia, minimising data entry, ensuring funding is up to date, and managing corrections and reversals to reduce the turnaround time for funding approval.

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Support the continuum of care

From initial prospect enquiries through to departure and readmittance, resident details are securely shared with Clinical Manager software to ensure information is consistent with Services Australia.

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Streamline administrative processes

Resident administration and funding management are traditionally time-consuming tasks. Resident Manager simplifies these processes, allowing your staff more time to focus on core caring responsibilities.

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More about Resident Manager

Telstra Health’s Resident Manager software helps residential aged care providers better manage their resident administration, funding and reporting processes. The solution has been designed to help create efficiencies, minimise the likelihood of rejections from Services Australia, and easily manage the admission and leave process.

Australian Senior Citizen Couple Living Independently At Own Home

Supporting the Independent Living sector

Telstra Health’s Resident Manager software includes specially designed features to support the Australian Independent Living sector, such as unit information,  occupancy management automation, and refund calculation capabilities.

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  • Awards

    Resident Manager took home the 2019 Victorian iAward in the Business Service Markets category; celebrating businesses that provide digital B2B solutions that drive and deliver businesses with high levels of productivity and competitiveness. The Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) iAwards honours organisations at the cutting edge of technology innovation in Australia. Click here to learn more.

    Click here to watch Telstra Health’s Resident Manager iAward video entry.

  • Additional features

    • Lead management capabilities
    • Services Australia B2B event management:
      • Admission
      • Departures
      • Leave
      • ACFI
      • Finalised monthly claim
      • Payment statement
    • Coordination of fees and charges
    • Admissions, departure and leave management
    • Occupancy rates and respite days
    • Management reporting tools
    • Room, organisation and facility management
    • Finance capabilities
  • Product integrations

    Resident Manager integrates resident data with Clinical Manager software to provide one solution from pre-admission through to care delivery and departures.

  • TechnologyOne finance integration

    For residential aged care providers looking for broader financial and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities in addition to resident and Services Australia event management, Telstra Health now offers an integration between Resident Manager and TechnologyOne’s OneCare finance solution.

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