Residential aged care provider, Fronditha Care, has adopted Telstra Health’s electronic National Residential Medication Charts (eNRMC) compliant module, MedPoint, which sits within the well-proven Medication Management solution.

Telstra Health developed MedPoint as an extension to Medication Management to help aged care facilities, prescribers (such as GPs and Nurse Practitioners) and pharmacists easily manage the eNRMC process.

For added risk reduction, information captured in MedPoint seamlessly forms part of the resident record in Telstra Health’s clinical and care management solution, Clinical Manager.

This unified experience helps reduce the risks associated with resident medication or allergy information needing to be manually added into two separate systems – helping to protect our older community.

“The Telstra Health team has been helpful from the beginning. The training sessions were well-received by our staff. The Telstra Health team even offered one-on-one training sessions to our GPs to ensure they would be comfortable with the transition to the eNRMC.”

Ralph Rodrigo, Manager of Residential Care, Fronditha Care

Reflecting on the key benefits of MedPoint, Mr Rodrigo emphasised, “The MedPoint module streamlines everything, from GP communication to pharmacy processes. It eliminates the need for paper charts, making medication management safer and more efficient. It also maximises the use of telehealth consultations, allowing for timely interventions.”

“Ultimately, MedPoint helps ensure safer medication management and supports the provision of quality care for our residents,” said Mr Rodrigo.

Telstra Health’s Head of Aged Care, Michael Donnelly, said, “Our Medication Management solution helps ensure the safe administration of around 500,000 medications across Australia each day. We’re proud to have added MedPoint as an extension of our wider Medication Management solution and are thrilled to see that MedPoint was chosen as a finalist in the upcoming Victorian iAwards.”

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