The 2024 Innovation and Technology Across Care (ITAC) event took place on 26-27 March in the Gold Coast, and there were several key themes which underscored the ongoing evolution of aged care towards a more person-centred, digitally driven landscape. Among these were integration and interoperability, empowering and supporting the aged care workforce, and delivering resident-centric care.   

Integration and interoperability

Seamless integration and interoperability across various digital health systems are crucial for maximising efficiency and ensuring continuity of care in the aged care sector. At Telstra Health, our commitment to interoperability enables seamless data exchange and collaboration across different platforms, allowing a more holistic approach to care delivery. By integrating our solutions with existing ecosystems, we enable aged care providers to harness the full potential of technology without disruption.     

Empowering and supporting the aged care workforce

Empowering the aged care workforce by providing the necessary training and support is essential for driving successful technology adoption. Investing in educating and upskilling aged care staff equips them with the knowledge and confidence to leverage digital solutions effectively. At Telstra Health, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support as part of our digital health offering, so that staff can feel equipped to deliver the highest standard of care to residents.  For example, CareKeeper enables care staff to be clear on their list of tasks and allows them to document by the resident’s side via a mobile device, providing more opportunity for a personalised connection.

Resident centric-care

One of the cornerstones of modern aged care is the move towards personalised, individualised care. Recognising the unique needs and preferences of each resident is paramount, and technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating this approach. At Telstra Health, we know that when it comes to patient care it is by no means a ‘one size fits all’ model. We develop robust digital health solutions which enable aged care providers to deliver tailored care plans, which can meet the diverse needs of residents so that they can enjoy a higher quality of care and improved wellbeing.    

The ITAC event also highlighted a sense of optimism across the sector following several years of unsettlement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, there appears to be an industry-wide effort to adapt to new government changes and embrace emerging standards, with event attendees seeming to be acutely aware of the need to stay updated on these changes and standards.

In collaboration with our valued partners and customers, we’re dedicated to driving innovation, enhancing the quality of care delivered, and shaping the future of aged care across the digital landscape. Together, we can create a brighter future for aging Australians.  


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