In early March, our team attended the esteemed Leaders Summit 2024 held in Sydney. The event provided an important platform for us to interact with a diverse array of customers, stakeholders, and fellow industry peers within the aged care sector. 

Speakers delved into discussions surrounding the future landscape, with focus on traditional aged care models in the coming years. Legal considerations regarding the union between aged care and care services were examined, alongside insights into regional care models and the financial opportunities and challenges faced by aged care providers. 

Additionally, there were discussions on workforce strategies, technological advancements, sustainability solutions, and government initiatives aimed at enhancing aged care in Australia. Overall, the summit provided a comprehensive overview of the evolving aged care sector, highlighting the importance of innovation, strategic planning, and adaptability in addressing the needs of an aging population. 

Our participation was marked by engaging discussions and insightful exchanges, reaffirming our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in residential aged care. As leaders in connected digital solutions tailored for residential aged care providers, we are poised to contribute to further enriching discussions and sharing our insights gained from the event.  


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