Key features

  • Email and SMS messaging to individuals, groups or to all residents’ primary contacts within a facility
  • Historical communication records to enable staff to easily track what information has been communicated
  • Clinical Manager integration to provide a single source of truth for family member’s contact information

Why Message Manager

Message Manager combines easy to use SMS and email functionality, list management and historical communication records to streamline the resident family communication process. The software helps support open communication in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards by providing residents’ loved ones with a transparent account of care delivery.

Key product benefits

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Help improve communication with residents’ loved ones

Individual, group, or all facility email and SMS messaging means that staff can easily tailor the communication type to families and add attachments depending on the need.

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Help reduce time consuming processes

Quick SMS and email messaging helps reduce the time staff spend on trying to get in touch with families through phone calls and voicemails, while utilising a single source of truth for fast access to contact information and lists.

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Support governance and strengthen business operations

Historical communication records provide a level of visibility which can be drawn upon to help support family queries and increase transparency in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

How does it work?

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Supporting you through COVID-19

Message Manager enables residential aged care providers to quickly and easily communicate with residents’ loved ones about changes or restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The software combines SMS and email functionality, list management and historical communication records to ensure all elements of communication are captured and easily reported on from the one system. Historical communication records have been designed to enable staff to easily track the information related to COVID-19 that has been communicated.

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  • Product Integrations

    Message Manager integrates with Clinical Manager software to draw on residents’ primary contact details to reduce duplicate data entry.

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