Telstra Health’s residential aged care app, CareKeeper, was honoured as a finalist at the innovAGEING National Awards in the category of ‘Increasing Care and Service Productivity’.

The innovAGEING National Awards ceremony was held on Thursday 24th November, with the awards celebrating the achievements of organisations, teams, and individuals who have made the aged care industry more consumer-centred, or have successfully achieved a new and better way of doing things in the service of older Australians.

Telstra Health would like to thank St Anna’s Residential Aged Care Facility who partnered with us on the nomination, and who have been a strong supporter of CareKeeper since its initial launch.

About CareKeeper

Telstra Health’s residential aged care app, CareKeeper, has been designed to enable care staff to spend less time on documentation and more time delivering outstanding care to residents.

CareKeeper is a simple to use mobile application that enables care staff to quickly view, action and record care in real time. With an icon-based design, staff can easily identify the tasks that need completing in required time frames while at the resident’s side. As an extension of Telstra Health’s Clinical Manager software – our residential aged care solution that helps providers effectively manage clinical documentation, administration and care – information captured via CareKeeper flows through to Clinical Manager for reporting and monitoring purposes. The app also includes the technology to operate offline in facilities with limited Wi-Fi connectivity and will sync any new information captured once the device comes back online.

CareKeeper enables care staff to access a resident’s profile, summary care plan and progress notes at the point of care and provides the capture of information in the form of charts and progress notes.

With CareKeeper, documentation can be done in real-time at the point of care via a mobile device, so care staff can spend less time at the nurses’ station and more time with residents. The app provides residents and their families with a greater presence of staff on the floor doing what they love; creating a positive environment for residents.

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