Key features

  • Care coordination
  • Clinical documentation
  • Clinical decision support
  • Centralised and connected clinical data

About Kyra Clinical

Australia’s only home grown EMR solution, Kyra Clinical is modular, scalable and integrates with most systems across the Australian healthcare sector. With over 30 modules easily configurable to help meet your health facility’s needs, Kyra Clinical is suited to all healthcare settings, regardless of size or location.

Solution benefits

Centralised Patient Medical Record

Help improve patient management with a single source of patient information, enabling near real-time access for all clinical staff with a smart device.

Streamline Clinical Care

Easily connect clinical information across multiple systems and assess and treat patients with features that support ongoing management and monitoring.

Efficiency and Compliance

Help reduce paper, costs and claim times, drive quality outcomes, and help ensure reporting compliance with our digital platform.

More than an eMR


Kyra Clinical allows your organisation to enable only the features needed now, while paving a scalable pathway for the future. Kyra Clinical can help you:

  • Connect siloed information through our extensive integration capabilities and open standards.
  • Standardise and streamline documentation of clinical information across your organisation with our Forms module.
  • Help improve patient safety and manage clinical risk using our Allergies and Alerts functionality.
  • Detect patients at risk of deterioration using our Observations module, that supports configurable track and trigger charts that facilitate compliance with national standards and improves efficiency with real-time data flows from mobile and fixed observation machines.
  • Streamline departmental workflows for Emergency Departments, Operating Theatres and Maternity.
  • View and capture clinical notes using our Progress Notes module.
  • Facilitate data sharing with My Health Record, referring providers and GPs with our Discharge Summary.
  • Integrate with radiology and pathology systems for electronic ordering and viewing of results.
  • Reduce costs and improve access to patient’s previous paper-based care information with our Scanned Medical Record module.
  • Allow clinicians to access information securely from any location using our Mobile App.


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Key modules

With over 30 modules easily configurable to help meet your health facility’s needs, Kyra Clinical is suited to all healthcare settings, regardless of size or location. Explore various Kyra Clinical modules by using the drop-down buttons, or alternatively, download the brochure to find out more information.

  • Forms / Assessments

    Fully configurable tools to capture clinical information and enhance clinical workflow automation and decision support. Data can be copied across forms, images and annotations added with all information easily shared. Data entered can drive clinically relevant triggers such as care pathways, as well as allow interrogation via business intelligence tools.

  • Observations

    A patient’s specific observations and assessments to be recorded, viewed, and graphed. Customise default charts based on unit, age and gender and create specific clinical deterioration triggers and alerts.

  • Progress Notes

    Provide a seamless experience to record and view progress notes that is fast, efficient and easy-to-use for all clinical disciplines. Create an auto-saved progess note and move throughout the rest of the medical record at the same time.

  • Clinical Pathways

    Create a set of standardised tasks specific to a treatment protocol allowing clinicians to manage daily or predictive activities, milestones or observations in real time and tick off actions as they are completed.

  • Medications Management

    Provides end-to-end electronic medication management for medication history, medication on admission, administration chart and discharge medication reconciliation. Role-based AI support of clinical practice for prescribers and administration of drugs.

  • Pathology and Radiology Orders

    Place electronic requests that can be sent directly to the laboratory service provider or printed as a paper pathology/ radiology order form and easily added to the discharge summary.

  • Results

    Receive pathology and radiology results, match them to the patient and populate into charts. Colour-coding is used to identify abnormal and critical results.

  • Discharge Summary

    Automate sending the discharge summary to My Health Record as well as secure distribution to GP and other care providers securely. Dashboards can monitor discharge summaries that aren’t completed.

  • Mobility

    Mobile version of Kyra Clinical making information portable on phone or iPad. Providing the ability to go into a patient record and see patient allergies and alerts, falls risk, progress notes, observations and more.

  • Scanned Medical Record

    Digitise paper forms and provide electronic access to a patient’s previous care information. Allows any paper documents such as signed consent forms and external correspondence to be added to the system to create a complete and comprehensive record.

  • External Referrals

    Designed to receive external sources of information such as referrals, specialist letters and admission requests. Manage the triage process electronically, including accepting, declining and forwarding referrals to another department.

  • Internal Referrals

    Creates a work list for internal referrals for coordination of Multi-disciplinary Teams, with templates to capture key information that can be sent to external systems – by speciality, team or doctor.

  • Letters

    Ability for organisations to create letter templates – by specialty, doctor and diagnosis and record in the clinical system what has been sent with acknowledgements.

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