Telstra Health’s Kyra Flow is the latest digital health solution to be integrated across Perth-based St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospital, improving visibility across the whole patient journey.


St John of God Midland has successfully implemented Kyra Flow’s e-Journey Boards, providing staff with real-time patient journey updates from admission to discharge. The electronic journey board integrates crucial patient information from various hospital systems, including patient admission, pathology, radiology, electronic medical records, and diet systems.

The hospital is also now using Kyra Flow’s Bed Management Dashboards within its operational command center to allow for continuous monitoring of admissions, discharges, and patient flow, enabling staff at St John of God Midland to identify bed availably across all wards, particularly during peak demand.

Continuing its commitment to digital transformation, St John of God Midland also recently implemented Kyra Clinical’s Progress Notes module, enabling staff to view and capture clinical notes, with plans to expand implementation of Kyra Clinical and Kyra Flow to other areas of the hospital. Kyra Clinical and Kyra Flow are part of Telstra Health’s digital hospital platform, Kyra, which connects patients, clinicians and technology.

Integrating Kyra Flow at St John of God Midland continues its standing as one of the most digitalised hospitals in Western Australia.

St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals CEO, Paul Dyer, said, “Efficient and effective management of paSent flow are critical to operational improvement, paitent safety, and quality and care outcomes.

“Implementing Kyra Flow, along with expanding the use of Kyra Clinical, provides a solution to the challenges we had experienced around accurately measuring and tracking real-time capacity and demand across our wards and departments.

“Adding these technology solutions continues our commitment to enhancing clinical care, service excellence and patient safety.”

St John of God Midland provides medical and surgical care for patients living in Perth’s east metropolitan and the Wheatbelt. The 367-bed public and private hospital’s comprehensive range of services include emergency medicine, critical care, day chemotherapy, maternity, paediatrics, aged and stroke care, and general surgery.

Telstra Health Hospital Care Executive, Chris Norton, said, “We have been supporting St John of God Midland Hospital in its digitisation journey since we first partnered in 2014, and we are delighted to continue supporting the hospital through the recent Kyra Flow implementation.

“The digital journey and bed management dashboards can help to create a multitude of efficiencies for hospital staff, from visibility across the entire patient journey to improving patient care and outcomes.

Mobile communication and task management platform, Medtasker, was also recently implemented at St John of God Midland, enabling Personal Care Assistants (PCA) in the radiology department to more efficiently move patients from wards to radiology through the use of one, consolidated task management system.

Mr Dyer adds, “At St John of God Midland we are continuously seeking out digital change in meaningful ways by investing in digital health for improved hospital efficiencies, patient experiences and safety. Our latest work with Kyra Flow is a testament to this, and we look forward to rolling this out across other departments.”

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