Key features

  • Short implementation time and automated processing free up time for in-depth analysis, minimising system maintenance tasks.
  • Detailed patient-level costing and revenue data enable targeted profitability analysis, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Allows reporting of patient incidents and outcomes data, supporting quality-focused decision-making
  • User-friendly interface with visual controls and task monitoring features for efficient navigation and progress tracking.

About PowerPerformance Manager

PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) is a web-based system that calculates hospital service delivery costs, integrating private and public funding revenue, therefore providing accurate reports easily and regularly.
With increased emphasis on delivering sustainable healthcare and the rise in healthcare costs, the ongoing success of an organisation is now based on the ability to understand and manage cost and revenue, whilst providing quality patient care.

It is crucial for hospitals to understand profitable vs non-profitable services. PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) is an essential tool for efficient healthcare management, providing hospitals with an
easy-to-use solution with world leading costing and analytics functionality.

PPM is a web-based system that calculates service delivery costs and funding revenue, based on clinical and financial data consolidated from other healthcare systems.

PPM is the essential tool for efficient healthcare management, providing an intuitive and easy-to use system that supports task-oriented processing.

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