PowerHealth, developer of market leading healthcare finance products, has signed an agreement with Te Whatu Ora to implement PowerPerformance Manager throughout the whole South Island, New Zealand.

Karl Rivett, Te Whatu Ora – Southern, noted, “The project started as a costing tender from the old Southern District Health Board (SDHB) in 2021, as part of our digital transformation to increase the digital maturity of the organisation and improve the way in which patient care is provided. With the transformation of the New Zealand Health system coming into effect in July 2022 forming Te Whatu Ora we recognised there was a greater opportunity to consolidate our costing systems, which would allow analysis beyond a single health service costs, to benchmarking and analytics across the whole of region.”

Brett Michael, PowerHealth said, “This is a very exciting project to be involved with and a fantastic example of great cooperation across the South Island (Te Waipounamu) health services adjusting to a one system approach. We are buoyed at the significant contribution we know PowerPerformance Manager can make to achieving Te Whatu Ora’s new health system goal of enabling a whole-of-country view to planning and delivering services, which are efficient and consistent everywhere.”

“PowerHealth’s whole island approach will allow tracking the full trajectory of care for all South Island (Te Waipounamu) patients”, Mr Michael said.

Outcomes sought by the project include improving operational decision-making within health services and hospitals, providing better data for health service benchmarking and a sound basis for Inter-District Flow (IDF) pricing by creating consistency in costing and cost allocation within the health service sector and lifting the quality of cost reporting. By extending the project across the whole South Island (Te Waipounamu), leveraging island wide resources will also be achieved.

“Te Whatu Ora – Waitaha (Canterbury) has been using PPM since 2003, which then expanded to include Te Whatu Ora – Te Tai o Poutini (West Coast). We are excited to extend this partnership across the whole South Island (Te Waipounamu)”, Mr Michael said.

“We looked in New Zealand and abroad for a project partner. This project will be the first installation of the new PowerPerformance Manager (PPM3) in New Zealand, providing the South Island (Te Waipounamu) health services the greatest costing and analytics functionality available worldwideKarl Rivett said.

PPM3 has been developed with an emphasis on delivering timely information and analytics to assist providers with a comprehensive performance reporting solution, supporting customers to extract value from complex data sets and enable peer to peer benchmarking against normalised data and KPIs.

This entirely new release of PPM focuses on visualisation, benchmarking, analytics, automated daily integration, allocation methodologies and offering easy provisioning of the solution via the cloud, all important tools to support agile decision making.

“We are excited for the opportunities this project will deliver, including the ability to standardise costing configurations in the South Island (Te Waipounamu) in line with the New Zealand Common Costing Standards”, Karl Rivett said.

“The insights we hope to derive through implementing PPM will be used to improve patient services and importantly support future expansion and redevelopment projects across the region”, Karl Rivett said.

You can also read about the PPM3 rollout throughout New Zealand’s South Island in Pulse+IT (published on 24/10/23) here.

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