Key features

  • Unified Data Management: Integrates administrative and clinical data to streamline the entire revenue cycle management process, from patient demographics to claims management and payment reconciliation.
  • Future-focused RCM: Designed to support organisations as they grow, handle increased clinical complexity, and evolve technologically while maintaining operational efficiency.
  • Financial Improvement: Employs a combination of people, processes, and technology to improve financial outcomes through cost control, reduced revenue leakage, and revenue optimisation.

About PowerRCM

PowerRCM offers world-best Hospital Billing Technology (PowerBilling & Revenue Collection – PBRC), superior high quality expertise and resources, to enable a successful transformation of a healthcare institutions’ revenue cycle management system.

PowerRCM unifies the business and clinical sides of healthcare by coupling administrative data, such as patient’s demographics, appointments, with the treatment they receive through to creating claims, reconciling payments and managing all claim rejections.

Our RCM offering is future-focussed, whilst allowing an organisation to operate efficiently, as it grows, increases in clinical complexity and technically matures.

Our people, processes and technology enable client organisations to realise improved financial outcomes through cost control, reduced revenue leakage and revenue optimisation.

Our operational implementation methodology combines key areas of focus centred on RCM operational excellence as explained below –

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To learn more about PowerRCM visit the dedicated PowerHealth website.

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