Key features

  • Enhanced Patient Experience and Operational Efficiency
  • Focused Solutions for Specific Challenges
  • Real-time Visibility and Coordination
  • Comprehensive Patient Flow Solution

About Kyra Flow

Kyra Flow has been trusted by Australian hospitals for over 20 years to help improve performance and efficiency. The modular and flexible design can be configured to help address key challenges and requirements within your health service and enable full visibility of key information for your care teams.

Kyra Flow helps solve:

  • Lack of whole hospital visibility
  • Departments working in isolation
  • Haphazard approach to escalation
  • Inconsistent clinical handover processes
  • Inefficient methods of tracking and reporting on internal referrals
  • Limited Oversight for discharge planning
  • Inefficient communication on patient movements and journey

Sub-features of Kyra Flow

Patient Flow Manager

Utilising leading technology, our Kyra platform provides a comprehensive graphical view of all your patient flow information, drawing from your inpatient, elective, emergency, outpatient and other hospital systems. This means you can manage the patient journey within your hospital, from admission to discharge, more efficiently.

Queue Manager

Queue Manager is a complete patient experience and patient flow solution designed to improve efficiency and visibility for non & pre-admission services including Outpatient, ED, UCC & Surgical.

Key capabilities

Hospital Kyraflow Kiosk

Clinic Management

  •  The combination of journey board views, calling displays, wayfinding maps, self-check-in kiosks and an intuitive patient engagement mobile application, help support a seamless experience for clinicians, patients, and administrative staff in an outpatient, services and multidisciplinary clinic setting.
  • Teams have access to a consolidated view of every patient appointment, allowing them to coordinate flow within the clinic, from which you can expect to see an improvement in patient experience and department utilisation, as well as a reduction in fail-to-attend rates and operations costs.
Hospital Kyraflow Inpatient

In-patient and Bed Management

  • Journey Boards capture and present the near real-time patient journey from admission to discharge, while also incorporating key patient status information from other hospital systems such as patient admission system, pathology, radiology, electronic medical records and diet systems.
  • Bed Management Dashboards allow staff to constantly monitor admissions, discharges and patient flow and identify the availability of beds across every ward, particularly during periods of high demand
Hospital Kyraflow Ed

Emergency Department View

  • Kyra Flow’s ED Journey Board provides a concise view of the number of patients in the department by triage category, wait time and pre-defined performance targets. Staff can expect improved efficiencies in department communication, decision to admit and appropriate in-bed allocation, as well as a reduction in administrative duties and inefficiencies that commonly
    lead to bottlenecks and ambulance ramping.
Hospital Kyraflow Theatre

Theatre Flow Data and Tracking

  • Kyra Flow’s Theatre Journey Board helps to improve poor visibility of patient flow by providing staff with timely access to Theatre flow data and enable the tracking of patients across admission, theatre, recovery and discharge, while simultaneously being alerted to current or potential delays. It also assists in proactive capacity planning and smooth transfers to Ward
    allocated beds.

Clinic management (Queue Manager) customer research has demonstrated on average*

67 %

reduction in did-not-waits


savings from patient check-in activities

50 %

reduction in time patients spend in outpatient department

$ 22 K

increase in revenue per month

*As at May 2016

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Inpatient flow (Patient Flow Manager) customer research has demonstrated on average*


Reduction in length of stay


Reduction in unexpected readmissions


Increase in National Emergency Access Target (NEAT) compliance rates


Reduction in time to bed ready

*As at May 2016

Additional information

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  • How does Kyra Flow work?

    Hospital setting

    Kyra Flow can help your teams to provide a better patient experience with enhanced visibility of the patient’s journey. It can help reduce waiting times through the various transition stages during their care.

    Key patient information such as demographics, clinical alerts, allied health referrals and discharge planning is displayed at a glance. Staff can easily see what actions are outstanding to progress the patient in their hospital journey:

    • Waiting for admission from the Emergency Department: Ward staff have visibility of expected ED patients, this can encourage the wards to pull the patient from ED rather than ED having to “push” the patient to the ward.
    • Waiting for admission to ward post-theatre: Ward staff have near real-time visibility of the status of their expected patients; ‘in theatre’, ‘in recovery’ and ‘ready for ward’. Nursing staff can receive automatic alerts via SMS, pager or email to inform them when a patient is ready to be collected.
    • Waiting for transition from Intensive Care Unit to a ward: Ward staff have visibility of expected transfers from ICU. This assists wards to prioritise this transfer and prepare for incoming patients.
    • Waiting for discharge: Clinicians have visibility of discharge planning activities and outstanding tasks that need to be completed to prepare the patient for discharge.
    • Waiting for Pharmacy medications on discharge: Patient Flow Manager can either integrate with the hospital script management system or script information can be captured within the system to provide visibility to staff of the status of the discharge script; ‘requested’, ‘sent to pharmacy’, ‘dispensed’ ‘given to patient’.

    Outpatient, Emergency Department, Urgent Care Clinic, Surgical

    Providing a complete patient check-in and patient flow solution, Kyra Flow can enhance both the patient and provider experience through improved communication, efficiency, and clinic utilisation.

    • Patient checks-in at an outpatient department kiosk or using a mobile device.
    • Patient arrival time and status is recorded and information is verified. If data is incomplete, the patient is directed to the appropriate area.
    • Patient is provided visual wayfinding information.
    • Patient progress throughout the appointment is tracked by clinical and administrative staff.
    • Patient receives SMS updates on their appointment status.
    • Journey Boards display the appointment status of each patient, allowing departments to call on patients when ready.
    • Patient calling functionality allows staff to call the patient from anywhere in the department.
    • Functionality to capture appointment outcome and rebooking information supports efficient and effective team communication.
    • The Queue Manager QClaim module enables capture of billing information.
  • Additional features

    Hospital Setting

    • Comprehensive graphical view of patient flow information.
    • Monitor bed utilisation across the hospital using the Bed Management Dashboard.
    • Communicating for Safety Standard 6- ISBAR/ISOBAR ward handover reports.
    • Notifications available via SMS, pager, and email.
    • Customised views per user.
    • Supports HL7 messaging.
    • Seamless integration with other hospital source system.
    • Streamlined hospital communication and task management through the Medtasker Integration
    • Role-focused dashboards with near real-time insights into inpatient, emergency, theatre, and operational management data, enabling efficient patient flow management with minimal cognitive load.​


    Outpatient, Emergency Department, Urgent Care Clinic, Surgical

    • Supports arrivals for both booked appointments and walk-ins for Services
    • Allows hospitals to configure and manage Services and Multidisciplinary roles against clinic or appointment types, to manage the whole patient journey
    • HL7 messaging and direct data access available
    • Customised views per user and function
    • Seamless integration with Hospital Source systems
    • Seamless transfer of IQ notes from the ED to the Inpatient Ward, ensuring continuous flow of comprehensive patient information and streamlining documentation processes.
  • Key and optional modules

    Kyra Flow has seven optional modules available that offer additional functionality, fully customisable to meet your organisation’s needs:

    • Discharge Planning
    • Medtasker – Mobile communication and Task Management
    • Integrated Nurse Allocation
    • Operational Command Centre Dashboards
    • Pharmacy
    • Pressure Injury Surveillance
    • Theatre
    • Reporting Tool
  • Telstra Health product and partner integrations

    Depending on the agreed solution, the following Telstra Health integrations are available:

    Kyra Clinical (EMR):

    Integrating Kyra Flow with Telstra Health’s Kyra Clinical (EMR) offers organisations an enhanced visualisation of the patient journey and communication of key clinical information.

    Telstra Health’s Outpatient Solution:

    Telstra Health’s Outpatient Solution enhances outpatient journey touchpoints to help improve the patient experience and support flow in and out of your hospital.

    Medtasker Integration (Task Management Module):

    • Efficient Coordination: Streamline hospital communication and task management with Medtasker, reducing delays and ensuring timely patient care coordination.
    • Enhanced Safety: Automatically notify doctors of test results and escalate deteriorating patient conditions, improving patient safety and outcomes.
    • Seamless Collaboration: Offer cross-platform accessibility for seamless communication among clinical staff, facilitating prioritisation of urgent tasks and enhancing response times for better patient outcomes.

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