Virtual Health Monitoring at Mackay Base Hospital

Mackay Base Hospital adopted Telstra Health’s Virtual Health Monitoring Solution for their Care in the Right Setting Hospital in the Home (HiTH) program. The program aims to improve care delivery, reduce hospital stays, and optimise clinical resources.



Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland was looking for a fully managed Virtual Clinical Services solution that could provide clinical resourcing, appointment scheduling and video conferencing, to improve access to specialist care for rural and regional patients.


Virtual Clinical Services help enable healthcare providers to function as a full virtual practice inclusive of clinical coordination, consultations, follow ups and more.


  • Increased capacity leading to shorter wait times.
  • The model is cost-effective and is not contrained to time limits, therefore patients can be seen in review clinics for ongoing, sustainable care.
  • Patients who participated in the telehealth model benefit from end-to-end care.

Mackay Hospital and Health Service (MHHS) in Queensland uses Virtual Health Monitoring to help patients return home faster.

Mackay Base Hospital has implemented Telstra Health’s Virtual Health Monitoring Solution as part of the Care in the Right Setting (Hospital in the Home (HiTH) program. The program aims to deliver the right care, at the right place, at the right time and reduce hospital length of stay times and improve clinical resource management.

Virtual Health Monitoring at Mackay Base Hospital, Queensland

Designed to deliver inpatient standard of care to patients at home, the program consists of home visits from the nurse and allied health team, combined with telehealth (video conference) consultations with a Senior Medical Officer and the use of virtual health monitoring devices and patient app to record vital signs and data.

Dr John Hadok, Senior Medical Officer for Hospital in the Home Program:

Virtual health monitoring helps enable patients to leave hospital earlier than they otherwise might, being confident that they will be looked after at a sufficient standard while they are at home.”

Mackay Base Hospital can treat both adult and paediatric cohorts, referred by the medical, surgical and orthopaedic specialists’ teams. The information they can receive back from a patient on a daily basis includes observations such as blood glucose, blood pressure, temperature, weight and oxygen levels as well as health check questionnaire responses.

Stuart Garantziotis, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Hospital in the Home (HiTH) Program:

“Virtual Health Monitoring has enabled us to have an extra layer of clinical comfort and oversight for our patients. It’s enabled greater clinician confidence in terms of referring into our service for more acute patients that otherwise traditionally wouldn’t be referred to a HiTH service.”

Mackay Base Hospital plans to further extend its Hospital in the Home program to include more rural patients enabling them to be treated via virtual care in their own communities.

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