Key benefits

  • Saves time, helps improve patient outcomes
  • Compliance and accreditation made simple
  • Quick to on-board and learn to use
  • Comprehensive toolkit to empower your health practice
  • Improved practice management
  • Track business performance

Medical software enabling flexible and secure patient care for more than 30 years.

Clinical is the most widely recognised clinic management software in general practice – with fully integrated telehealth, ePrescribing, integration with the Australian Immunisation Register and Australia’s most up-to-date drug database AusDI – offering practitioners a safe and secure way to provide patient care.

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Medication management features


CMI, PI and Independent Monographs

Access the latest Product Information (PI), Consumer Medicine Information (CMI), Independent Drug Monographs, updated monthly via AusDI.

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Allergies, adverse reactions, warnings

Update and manage known patient allergy and adverse reactions within the patient details window through our easy to use free-type text field. Clinical will then take this information and warn you of any complications that may arise throughout your consultation workflow.

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Medication pick list

Create medication favourites for frequently prescribed medication, as well as predefined dosage instructions.

Tools and features

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Integrated with Pracsoft

Add new patients from Pracsoft into Clinical, set item codes to be billed during the consultation and communicate directly to your front desk via Pracsoft.


Integrated medical devices

Clinical integrates with diagnostic devices including blood pressure devices, ECGs, spirometers and more.

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Letter writer templates

Access a range of customisable templates for a variety of leading health organisations across the country and create medical certificates with the click of a button.

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Enhanced communication

Communicate to external agencies securely, including HealthLink and Medical Objects.


Preventative health prompts

Assists in identifying and preventing potential problems by recommending certain actions based on information stored in the patient’s record.

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Care plan tool

Clinical comes with an inbuilt care plan tool to allow you to easily track conditions, set tasks, track progress and print and share with the patient or other healthcare professionals.

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What our customers say about our Clinical

From corporate groups to medium sized to single GP practices, read our customer stories at

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Switching is safe, simple and personal

Moving to Clinical is simple. Your data is protected with encryption throughout migration and our dedicated customer service team are there to guide you every step of the way.

Supported by Telstra Health Smart Connected Care, a unique and growing ecosystem of digital health solutions and streamlined workflows, available directly within Clinical.


Number of Smart Clinician solutions

16 +

Number of Smart Marketplace solutions

Smart Marketplace by Telstra Health

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Tailor your health software

Smart Marketplace by Telstra Health offers a growing partner ecosystem that enables you to tailor your clinical IT systems with innovative solutions suited to the unique needs of your practice. Smart Marketplace is comprised of an array of health technology partners who offer the highest standard in innovation, service and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is electronic prescribing free to use?

    Yes, costs associated with ePrescribing SMS are subsidised by the Australian Government and included in the subscription fee you pay for the software.

  • Does Clinical have telehealth functionality and is there an additional cost?

    Telehealth is fully integrated in Clinical and included in the subscription fee. The only charge is to SMS to the patient.

  • Do you have to pay per computer?

    No, Clinical is charged per practitioner and practitioners can access Clinical from multiple computers.

  • Can patients be emailed directly?

    This functionality is available in Clinical version 4.3 and later. Practitioners can also share information via email with patients using the MyPractice app, by Medinet, which can even be done during a consultation from within the SmartBar.