Telstra Health has introduced Smart Connected Care, a unique ecosystem of digital health solutions for connecting care and streamlining workflows. Smart Connected Care operates as a single gateway for providers and partners looking to integrate new technology across Telstra Health’s portfolio of digital health solutions. 

Telstra Health Smart Connected Care comprises of Smart Clinician, Smart Manager and Smart Marketplace, each offering a comprehensive suite of tools for enhancing care delivery. Smart leverages the existing partnerships of MedicalDirector, acquired by Telstra Health in 2021, and now extends to Telstra Health’s other clinical software solutions.

With web-based applications integrated within the solution, Smart Connected Care allows users of both cloud and on-premise technology to benefit from cloud technology to innovate in multiple aspects of clinical care and management.

Telstra Health’s Chief Health Officer and Enterprise Growth Executive, Dr Monica Trujillo, said, “Telstra Health Smart Connected Care is the culmination of innovation and dedication, uniting three groundbreaking solutions under one banner: Smart Clinician, Smart Manager, and Smart Marketplace. 

“The launch of Smart Connected Care is a significant step in the delivery of Telstra Health’s vision – to realise a connected and improved digital health experience for all. Smart Connected Care strengthens our presence in the heart of the digital health ecosystem and is redefining what’s possible for both practitioners and patients as we journey into the future of healthcare.”

Smart Clinician incorporates Telstra Health’s growing collection of integrated web-based workflows and clinical education. The solution provides a range of modular tools, many of which are accessible within clinic management software MedicalDirector Clinical; these include Smart Telehealth for providing secure virtual consultations, Clinical Support for AI-driven targeted education, and Smart Seek which can be applied to identify patients who are eligible for health programs, clinical trials, and research studies.

Smart Clinician will soon be expanding further to offer Smart Scripts, for assisting patients with medication management, and Smart Connect for sending referrals and eOrders seamlessly and securely. In addition, the highly anticipated Smart Scribe tool will utilise the latest advancements in Generative AI to seamlessly transcribe consultations into clinical notes and efficiently generate necessary documentation.

Smart Care, as part of Smart Clinician, allows care plans to be created and tracked efficiently, and will soon be enhanced to allow care plans to be shared and updated securely and efficiently with patients and other members of a care team.

Smart Manager offers a suite of healthcare management tools and resources specifically designed for practice managers and owners, such as Smart Shield – a comprehensive cyber security solution which protects against vulnerabilities through the expertise of Telstra’s Cyber Security Operations Centre.

Smart Marketplace is a single gateway of integration for partners which have met the requirements of a comprehensive security assessment, surpassing common barriers of integration, such as tiered services and fees. Smart Marketplace provides seamless interoperability with a growing ecosystem of Telstra Health partners, both within the Smart Clinician and Smart Manager workflows and beyond.

Integrations within Smart Marketplace utilise Smart Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards for seamless healthcare data exchange where possible.

Dr Monica Trujillo adds, “The Telstra Health Smart Connected Care suite of solutions has been built with robust clinical governance, patient safety and data security at the forefront. We recognise the crucial role our partners play in enabling interoperability and encouraging a more connected care ecosystem. We know that, by enabling our partners, we’re better together.”


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