Key features

  • Works easily with clinical Practice Management Systems.
  • Simplify electronic Work Capacity Certificates for GPs by pre-populating nominated fields with information directly from the patient record.
  • Delivered securely and directly to case management solutions as atomic data or a PDF.
  • Customisable to align with branding, logos and exactly replicate paper layout

Electronic Work Capacity Certificates streamline the GP processes for GPs submitting claims.

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Key product benefits

Time savings

Because electronic Work Capacity Certificates are configured to match receiving systems’ fields, information can be easily and directly pre-populated into patient records.

Help reduce clinical risk

Automatic form pre-population helps save time and clinician input, seeking to reduce the risk of human error that can result from manually transcribing data from paper forms.

Cost savings

By making information instantly available online, e- electronic Work Capacity Certificates help reduce the costs associated with paper storage and physical delivery.

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