Key features

  • Record patient information across all areas of your organisation.
  • Highly customisable system that enables unified service integration.
  • Provides a holistic, patient-centric view across the entire patient journey through health services.
  • Serves as a single source of truth to help improve reporting and decision making.

Welcome to Communicare – An integrated and collaborative approach to community and primary healthcare

Communicare is a comprehensive electronic health record that supports multi-disciplinary health services, primary health providers, and community services throughout Australia, helping to deliver quality care across every state and territory – no matter where they are based.

Communicare supports healthcare providers in every state and territory throughout Australia.

25 years

Supporting Healthcare Providers

8000 users

Trusted by over


million + patient records*

Use cases / problems we solve

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Communicare provides a single, easy to navigate source of patient information that helps keep everyone on the same page about the care they are providing.

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Communicare is configured with many fields specific to supporting Aboriginal health including;​mourning replacement term​, Closing the Gap (CTG) status and PIP registrations , kinship groups​, ability to record program related activities.

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Communicare targets specific rural and remote challenges such as referral and recall follow up, and is integrated with Virtual Health Monitoring, making adherence to care plans and continuity of care as simple as possible.

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Communicare features funding-based reporting modules, enabling organisations to provide accurate and complete reporting to funding bodies.

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The Integrated transport management system enables the Community Healthcare Organisation to schedule transport for those patients who require it to attend their appointment.

Streamlined journey

Communicare integrations aims to improve health outcomes and clinical intervention by reducing the time clinicians spend navigating between multiple digital health solutions and visiting patients. This enables multi-disciplinary teams to access configurable workflow and clinical items to support specific programs and patients.

  • How it works

    The solution provides a comprehensive electronic health record for storing a patient’s demographics, social and family history, adverse reactions, medications, and clinical history. It provides a holistic, patient-centric view and equips you with the tools to streamline the entire patient journey, so staff can manage patients effectively.

  • Integrations

    Communicare integrates with:

  • Support

    For support and information on Communicare, you can create a request here.

    For urgent problems or issues using the portal, call 1800 798 441 to speak to a support team member.

  • Training

    We also have a range of training formats available depending on the unique needs of your organisation, including:

    • Database audits/health checks
    • Report writing
    • Superuser training courses
    • Customised on-site training
    • eLearning introduction courses and webinars
    • Certified administrator (advanced)
    • 1-on-1 telephone training

Key product benefits of Communicare

Increase efficiencies

A unified, team-based system helps to streamline the coordination of diverse aspects of patient care.

Meet your reporting needs

Easily upload measures that are critical for government funding.

Continuity of care

Communicare provides a holistic, patient-centric view and equips your organisation with the tools to streamline the entire patient journey.

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