Key features

  • View and file electronic correspondence against patient records.
  • Compliant with Australian interoperability and privacy standards including NHSD, SMD, ePIP and HL7 and CDA message and document formats.
  • Microsoft Word plugin available for letter writing.
  • Easily track the status of sent and received communications.

More than 40,000 providers use Secure Messaging to securely communicate confidential patient information quickly and reliably.

Access to clear, reliable and secure patient information is an integral part of a functioning healthcare system. Our Secure Messaging solution is expertly designed to provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to exchange eHealth records across multiple software vendors in organisations of all sizes.

Secure Messaging automatically delivers correspondence into compatible clinical software solutions, removing the administration associated with maintaining a complete patient record. Operating in the background, Secure Messaging manages the complexities around encryption and decryption.

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