Key features

  • Secure access to patient information
  • Flexible platform
  • Remote consultations

With Smart Telehealth, your consultations are seamlessly integrated into your clinical workflow

You will be able to view and interact with patient history, notes, pathology and prescription information, as usual – with a tele-consultation window sitting just to the side.

Smart Telehealth is reinforced by the same billion-dollar infrastructure and security protocols that support MedicalDirector software. It is completely secure for both doctor and patient Telehealth consultations can operate across different desktop computers and internet browsers (Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer versions 11+), as well as on tablet devices, iPhones and Android devices.

Video and voice patient consults in three easy steps

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Your patients make an appointment and they are sent a link to click at the designated time.

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Once clicked, their session is activated and you can join the call from inside your workflow.

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Your consultation commences with a video screen right alongside your patient notes screen.

Smart Telehealth FAQ

  • Where can I access Smart Telehealth?

    Smart Telehealth is currently integrated into MedicalDirector Clinical and Helix.

  • Is Smart Telehealth free to use?

    Yes, Smart Telehealth is free to all General Practitioners using MedicalDirector Clinical or Helix.

  • Where can I get support on Smart Telehealth?

    If you experience any issues or have any questions, please reach out to

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