Key features

  • More than 5,000 active users (and growing daily!) 
  • More than 100,000 individual views of content  
  • On-demand, relevant CPD content 
  • Easily accessible within MedicalDirector Clinical

Maximise visibility for your content through Telstra Health Smart Research

Increase the impact of your educational content with the reach and accessibility it deserves. Seamlessly integrate your valuable resources with the tools health practitioners use every day.  

MedicalDirector Clinical users effortlessly access Smart Research directly from SmartBar. Presented in a user-friendly news feed format, content is presented complete with concise blurbs enabling health practitioners quickly identify relevant information. With just a click or two, they can delve deeper into your resources or save them for later reference, maximizing accessibility and knowledge retention.  

 This streamlined approach fosters engagement with your educational materials, ensuring your expertise reaches the hands of those who need it most. 

How Telstra Health’s Smart Research benefits Healthcare Practitioners

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Educational content on-demand

Smart Research is the latest update in Sidebar providing General Practitioners with on-demand access to education content and other information from MedicalDirector and our content partners, such as CPD courses. Smart Research gives you easy access to on-demand educational content, insights and more.

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Centralise your educational content search

No longer do you need to worry about needing to bookmark and save multiple websites and logins. Simplify your workflow and have one informative and relevant newsfeed at the click of a button. Free to all MedicalDirector Clinical customers.

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Keep on track with your CPD hours in 2024

Earn CPD hours online now by completing free Educational Activities. Your hours will be automatically lodged with the RACGP and a statement of attendance will be available automatically after completing the education.

Smart Research Praxhub

In collaboration and partnership with Praxhub

Praxhub is a free online medical CPD education platform where you can learn from the world’s leading healthcare experts and organisations. With quality on-demand CPD videos and interactive modules, Praxhub makes earning CPD hours more convenient than ever.

Praxhub is free for healthcare professionals and only takes a couple of minutes to join. You’ll get instant access to thousands of hours of quality CPD education available at any time, from any device. And it’s lightning fast!

Partnering with Praxhub was an obvious choice because of the exceptional quality and breadth of educational content. And being a free platform, it’s equally accessible for all our MedicalDirector users.

Join Praxhub and access their bundles of CPD content within our Research widget today!

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How Smart Research is accessed in MedicalDirector Clinical

  1. Expand the sidebar, click on Settings, then click ‘Check for New/Updated Widgets’
  2. Tick “MedicalDirector Research”
  3. Click “Download and Install” and “Save”

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