Key benefits

  • Reduce practice costs with server-free infrastructure and automatic upgrades
  • Increase efficiency with simplified workflows
  • Tools for end-to-end medical practice management
  • Support patients remotely with online access anywhere, anytime
  • Eliminate downtime with automatic updates
  • Manage compliance with immediate access to industry-wide changes
  • Protect data with industry-leading security

Embrace the future of healthcare delivery in Australia with cloud-based electronic health record and practice management software

Helix combines practice management and clinical workflows into one seamless, modern online interface. Manage all patient interactions securely on the go, or in your practice, with our cloud-based solution with fully integrated telehealth, ePrescribing, Real Time Prescription Monitoring, integration with the Australian Immunisation Register and Australia’s most up-to-date drug database AusDI.

Visit our dedicated MedicalDirector website to learn more about Helix.

Seamless patient communication

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Set recalls and reminders

The recall system enables practices to deliver quality care and patient engagement, particularly for patients with mental health and other chronic conditions.

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Manage patient bookings with SMS appointment reminders

Reduce the rate of no-shows with automated two-way SMS appointment reminders. Patients can reply, accept or decline appointments and the status is updated automatically in the system.

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Efficient letter writer

The letter writer includes preloaded templates and the option to create additional templates. Populate letters with digital signatures and send correspondence via secure messaging, reducing the need for paper-based communication.

Holistic patient care features

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Patient history

View patients’ history in a timeline including previous visits, consult notes, My Health Record uploads, referrals, imaging and pathology results, additional recipients copied into a patient’s lab results.

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Full patient record

A holistic view of a patient’s entire clinical history, by accessing their full record, current health summary, family history, medications plus new consult notes – all in one screen.

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Consult panel

Enter reasons for visit, history, examination and treatment plan. Set and assign tasks to streamline communications between doctors, administration team and practice manager.

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What our customers say about our Helix

From corporate groups to medium sized to single GP practices, read our Helix customer stories at

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Switching is safe, simple and personal

With a dedicated team that will work with you throughout the process, we ensure that switching to Helix is quick, easy and your patient data is fully secured and protected with encryption throughout migration. We’ll train each user to ensure that using Helix quickly becomes second nature.

Supported by Telstra Health Smart Connected Care, a unique and growing ecosystem of digital health solutions and streamlined workflows, available directly within Helix.


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Number of Smart Marketplace solutions

Smart Marketplace by Telstra Health

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Tailor your health software

Smart Marketplace by Telstra Health offers a growing partner ecosystem that enables you to tailor your clinical IT systems with innovative solutions suited to the unique needs of your practice. Smart Marketplace is comprised of an array of health technology partners who offer the highest standard in innovation, service and reliability.

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See Helix in action

As our industry moves towards increasingly digitised processes, interoperability and connected systems, Cloud practice management software is the future of healthcare delivery in Australia. Enable ideal healthcare with Helix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • an you prescribe medication in Helix?

    Yes, Helix is integrated with ePrescribing so you can provide prescriptions to patients with the click of a button.

  • Where is my data stored and how can I access it?

    Helix data is stored securely on Microsoft’s Azure platform in Australia. You can access your data at any time by either logging in to your environment or by requesting a data extract from our technology team.

  • Can Helix be used in any location, and if so can you differentiate between these locations?

    Yes, Helix can be used anywhere with an internet connection and reports can be generated by location within the software.

  • Are updates automatic?

    Yes, software updates are automatic and occur fortnightly so there’s no downtime over the weekend or risk of losing your data and you can also comply with government requirements as soon as they’re deployed.

  • Is there a limit to how big my database can be in Helix?

    No, your database is unlimited and is backed up in realtime.