Key features

  • Deliver efficient, flexible and safer medications management for your pharmacy and patients
  • Protect the data privacy and security of your pharmacy and patient information.
  • MedView services are subscription based and software agnostic

MedView services support the provision of medications management, patient management and professional services.

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Pharmacy FredIT MedView

MedView for Pharmacy

MedView helps your pharmacy to deliver secure and efficient medications management and professional services.

Including apps to streamline pharmacy workflow, services to protect patient information and provide flexible access to their medication.

Streamline your pharmacy workflow with MedView Flow

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MedView Flow

Patients can connect digitally to your pharmacy to pre order scripts or live chat via their eRx token. Requests are sent directly to your pharmacy queue in priority order.

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MedView Paperless Claiming

Hassle free management of your dispensed paper scripts. Simply scan them in and MedView will sort and store them securely in the cloud.


MedView Protect & Backup

Secure your sensitive pharmacy and patient data with comprehensive cyber security and backup services that are completely managed for you.


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