Key features

  • Simple integration providing near real-time updates to existing internal systems in line with business rules.
  • Two-way integration with the National Health Services Directory.
  • HL7 standards compliant, with FHIR-based APIs to support current and future interoperability.
  • Defined user and role management to help maintain privacy.

Take the pain out of managing consistent provider data across multiple systems.

The Enterprise Provider Directory (EPD) helps hospitals and large health services to centralise and manage provider, service and organisation details across multiple information systems and automatically update these with national directories.

The EPD helps reduce errors and miscommunication resulting from keeping information in multiple, siloed address books, helping to ensure that provider details are consistent, current, and easily accessible via an enriched dataset.

Key product benefits

Help reduce risk

Because the EPD’s built-in tools and workflows centralise updates across internal systems, you can accurately and confidently exchange critical clinical documentation without fear of error or duplication.

Improved efficiency

Helps reduce the financial and administrative costs associated with duplication and billing issues. Limiting the number of manual touchpoints required to source and manage information, frees administrative staff to tackle other internal projects.

Enhanced clinical care

Improved communication could help improve care. Sending clinical documentation, discharge summaries, and referrals to the right place the first time streamlines the information exchange process and supports increased engagement.

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  • Additional features

    • Customisable content fields to match existing workflows and gather other relevant information beyond basic address data.
    • Option for cloud or onsite hosting.
    • Connected systems include: PAS, EMR, pharmacy, pathology, radiology, cardiology, endoscopy, queue management systems, private research databases, HR and payroll.
  • Integration with the NHSD

    The EPD provides the ability to check details for healthcare providers well beyond your existing networks and extends reach across the entire country. This integration with the NHSD can not only lead to cost and time savings, it could also mean that national data becomes practical and more relevant to internal workflows.

    The NHSD is run by the Australian Government agency HealthDirect, and contains an estimated:

    • 350,000 records including location, contact and provider details.
    • For more than 150,000 services across 300 service types including medical, allied health, aged care and disability services.

Digital health excellence powered by accurate provider data

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A distinctive feature of Australia’s health system is the complex, inter-related web of information that links public, private and community providers, facilities and patients.
Many organisations have their own internal processes and specific requirements for maintaining provider details. The opportunity afforded by an Enterprise Provider Directory (EPD) is the ability to centralise these records and produce a ‘single point of reference’ that can cascade to all connected departments and teams.’

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