Key features

  • Source system independent.
  • Health-specific schema for simple standardisation.
  • Scalable across your health service.
  • Built to handle complex reporting requirements and business rule calculations.

About Kyra IQ

Kyra IQ is a is a powerful health data warehouse that simplifies business intelligence and mandatory management reporting. It provides a consolidated view of data across legacy and new hospital systems and supports data-driven decision making, allowing you to devote more time and resources to patient care.

Key product benefits

Better data management

With Kyra IQ, you don’t need to worry about starting from scratch when vendor systems are replaced. Integrating existing systems maximises your IT investment.

Better information

Kyra IQ is designed to source the data you need in a clean, digestible, and standards compliant format. Quick access to valuable data saves valuable time.

Better decisions

Near real-time information helps you more effectively manage hospital administration and patient care. Review trends and monitor performance with the information you need at your fingertips.


With over 30 modules easily configurable to help meet your health facility’s needs, IQ is suited to all healthcare settings, regardless of size or location. Explore various Kyra IQ modules by using the drop-down buttons, or alternatively, download the brochure to find out more information.

  • Patient

    Patient: The Patient Demographics module of Kyra IQ stores all the core information related to a patient.

  • Inpatient

    Inpatient: The Inpatient Episode module of the Kyra IQ aims to track patient admissions, transfers, discharges and closely related information regarding an inpatient episode.

  • Emergency

    Emergency: The Emergency Attendance module of Kyra IQ stores core information relating to patient activity within an Emergency Department or facility. Information stored in the module includes Emergency admission details, triage and injury information, patient movements within Emergency, discharge details and planned Inpatient admission details.

  • Waiting Lists

    Waiting Lists: The Waiting List module of Kyra IQl stores core information about the waiting list at a hospital. Information stored includes details of the referral, the entry to the waiting list, the planned procedure and clinical priority of the patient. Events associated with the waiting episode are also stored including all admission offers and their outcomes and any patient- or hospital-initiated suspensions. Because of its role in calculating a patient’s total waiting time all instances of change to the clinical priority are captured.

  • Theatre

    Theatre: The Theatre module of Kyra IQ stores core information about theatre events at a hospital. The information includes details of the schedule, the theatre times, the outcome of the theatre case, the surgeon and anaesthetist and the type of anaesthetic used. Additional information stored is that defined by the health organisation for its own specific purposes.

  • Outpatient

    Outpatient: The Outpatients module of Kyra IQ stores core information about the appointments made and attended at outpatients clinics at a hospital. Information stored includes details of the appointment, including the booked time, the clinic details and the referral associated with the appointment. Key times associated with the appointment are also captured including when the patient arrived, was seen and departed.

  • Allied Health

    Allied Health: The Allied Health module of Kyra IQ stores core information about services provided either directly to patients or to affect better health care outcomes. Information stored includes details of contacts with patients or with patients’ families and also information on activities that cannot be directly attributed to a single patient. Non-individual patient activities include such things as group sessions where the session cannot be placed against a single patient. The type of information stored includes details of the type of patient to whom the service was provided, the total time taken to provide the service, the carer who performed the service, the service location and whether the service was provided to the patient or to the family with the patient absent.

  • Coding

    Coding: The Coding module of Kyra IQ  stores all coding information relating to Inpatient, Emergency, Theatre, Outpatients, Referral, and Waiting List Modules. Examples of codes include diagnoses, procedures, CMBS, DRG, MDC and WIES related values.

  • Utilisation

    Utilisation: The Utilisation module of Kyra IQ stores core non-patient centric information for utilisation purposes. Example information stored includes details of clinics, sessions and session activity.

  • Financial

    Financial: The Financial module of Kyra IQ is designed to contain core billing information. The information includes details of invoices, adjustments, credits, payments and refunds. Additional information available is detail level of Electronic Claiming which can be linked back to the payments, and a daily snapshot of all outstanding billings (WIP).

  • Referral

    Referral: The Referral table in Telstra Health’s Kyra IQ stores information on all referrals created by the health service.

  • Radiotherapy

    Radiotherapy: The Radiotherapy module contains core information related to radiotherapy treatment of patient for diagnosed conditions. These diagnosed conditions are usually oncology related, but not always.

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