Telstra Health’s next generation virtual care solution, Virtual Health Platform, took home the Merit award in the category of ‘Technology Platform Solution of the Year’ at the National iAwards ceremony.

The National iAwards Ceremony 2023 was held on Thursday 31st of August, with the awards aiming to unearth, recognise and reward excellence in Australian innovation across  industries that create positive change for the community.

Telstra Health’s aged care electronic National Residential Medication Charts (eNRMC) module, MedPoint, was also recognised as a finalist at the event, after taking home the Merit award in the category of ‘Business & Industry Solutions of the Year’ at the Victorian iAwards in July.

Telstra Health was proud to be among the finalists at Australia’s longest running and most broadly scoped innovation recognition program.



About Virtual Health Platform

Telstra Health’s Virtual Health Platform is Australia’s first Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) native virtual care solution. The platform is a secure, scalable and interoperable virtual care solution, which draws on over a decade of experience in implementing and scaling virtual care solutions.

Built with FHIR at the forefront, Virtual Health Platform removes the intermediate step of translating data to a standard format and simplifies healthcare interoperability. This helps to significantly reduce implementation time and enhance overall clinical efficiency.

Virtual Health Platform provides a digital, automated and streamlined process for creating improved and more transparent remote healthcare delivery. The platform can be easily adopted by healthcare services of all sizes and locations and can be customised to support a variety of use cases.

Christopher Norton, Hospital Care Executive at Telstra Health, said, “For the past decade, our virtual care technology has been trusted by hospitals and health services, allied care, aged care and community care providers across Australia, and we wanted to ensure it continues to meet the evolving needs of patients, clinicians and healthcare providers.

“We’re proud to introduce our highly interoperable next generation Virtual Health Platform which provides near real-time, safe, high-quality remote healthcare regardless of a patient or clinician’s location.

“Enhancing our virtual care technology continues our commitment to investing in innovation and brings us one step closer to realising a connected and improved digital experience for all.”


About MedPoint

Telstra Health’s electronic National Residential Medication Charts (eNRMC) compliant  Medication Management module, MedPoint, has been designed to digitise and streamline the management of medication charts for residents in an aged care facility.

With MedPoint, aged care facilities no longer need to manually fax medication charts to the pharmacy; reducing the burden of administration and creating more free time for resident care. Prescribers can now create and update a resident’s medication chart electronically – both in the facility or remotely – reducing the safety risks associated with hand-written medication charts. Pharmacists can access and manage residents’ charts electronically as soon as they are created, which can significantly speed up the provision of essential medications for residents.

For added risk reduction, information captured in MedPoint seamlessly forms part of the resident record in Telstra Health’s clinical and care management solution, Clinical Manager.  This unified experience helps reduce the risks associated with resident medication or allergy information needing to be manually added into two separate systems – helping to protect our older community.

Telstra Health’s Head of Aged Care, Michael Donnelly, said, “Our Medication Management solution helps ensure the safe administration of around 500,000 medications across Australia each day. We’re proud to have added MedPoint as an extension of our wider Medication Management solution and are honoured that MedPoint was recognised at the iAwards”

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