Healthdirect Australia’s National Coronavirus Helpline secure messaging service for COVID-19 antiviral treatment eligibility has sent more than 20,000 notifications to GPs and GP respiratory clinics since it began in NSW in May.

The service is using existing secure messaging systems as well as an innovative solution jointly designed and built by Telstra Health that uses Microsoft Azure cloud services and Lyniate’s Rhapsody middleware to integrate Healthdirect’s CRM with each of the messaging networks through standards-based APIs and HL7 messaging.

Healthdirect says the National Coronavirus Helpline is the first and most comprehensive service to notify GPs through clinical secure messaging when their patients are COVID-19 positive and potentially eligible for antiviral treatments.

Healthdirect Australia has worked with the major secure messaging providers, including HealthLink, Telstra Health (Argus) and Global Health (ReferralNet), to enable the system to send messages to 85 per cent of general practices. Healthdirect said the other major secure messaging vendor, Medical-Objects, was hopefully going to come online in the coming weeks.

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Article written by Kate McDonald and first published by Pulse+IT on 28/09/2022. Access the article on the Pulse+IT website here.

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