Primary Health Tasmania pilots HealthLink integration with Telstra Health’s Communicare to streamline patient information

To improve connected care among primary care providers and specialists, Primary Health Tasmania is rolling out HealthLink’s SmartForms to Aboriginal healthcare services via Telstra Health’s Communicare patient information solution.  

The pilot began in March 2024 at a handful of sites around Tasmania, including Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations and Aboriginal medical services.  

Primary Health Tasmania spokesman Russell Newell said the integration was a key priority for Primary Health Tasmania and will enable clinicians to input patient information into HealthLink’s SmartForms, which can be sent electronically from the healthcare service to specialists, digitising the formerly paper-based referral process and supporting integrated care for this priority population group. 

“The integration aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the patient journey, particularly for patients at high risk of poor health outcomes while improving care coordination among a patient’s care team,” he said. 

“Use of HealthLink SmartForms in Tasmania has resulted in time savings to clinicians and healthcare staff and eliminated the need to rely on patients to carry medical documents with them.  

“For patients with complex health needs, digitised access to their health information – for them and their care team – can reduce duplication of tests, enable improved clinical decision making and ultimately lead to better health outcomes.” 

Telstra Health’s Head of Primary and Community Care, Natira Drayton, said streamlining outpatient information digitally eliminates delays in information, reduces time and costs associated with manual processes and ensures the right information is provided in a timely manner to enhance patient outcomes.  

“The seamless integration into the clinician’s software reduces the need for duplication of information in clinical notes and referrals, improving their workflow so they can spend more time focussing on patient care.” 

From mid-2024, Communicare’s integration with HealthLink SmartForms is planned to be rolled out in other states on a state-by-state and needs basis, except for states such as Queensland which has an established statewide eReferrals system.  

Telstra Health’s Communicare solution is used by 70 percent of Aboriginal medical services Australia-wide.  

HealthLink’s SmartForms are integrated into other general practice solutions such as MedicalDirector Clinical, Pracsoft and Bluechip by Telstra Health.  

The HealthLink SmartForms integration with Communicare is the latest addition to Telstra Health’s Smart Marketplace, a single integration gateway for partners wishing to connect digitally with Telstra Health services, surpassing common barriers of integration, such as tiered services and fees. 

With seamless onboarding, scalability and security and governance at the forefront, Smart Marketplace is an interoperable solution which is enabling better integration and uptake of healthcare workflows. 

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