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Secure, simple and reliable electronic message service

Argus is a secure, simple, and reliable electronic messaging service, developed to national standards to enable communication between healthcare providers.

Argus automatically delivers correspondence into compatible clinical software solutions removing the administration associated with maintaining a complete patient record. Operating seamlessly in the background, Argus manages the complexities around encryption and decryption.

Who uses Argus?

More than 40,000 providers, including hospitals, GP's, specialists, PHN's and allied health providers trust Argus to securely communicate confidential patient information quickly and reliably, in-line with privacy standards.

Argus at work

  1. Improves the patient health journey by allowing you to exchange the following information with other Argus and ConnectingCare subscribers
    • eReferrals and letters
    • Admission and discharge summaries
    • ED encounter information
    • Health and event summaries
    • Case notes
    • Pathology requests
    • Transcribed documents
    • Images, reports and results

2. Provides a comprehensive audit trail that shows the status of send and received communication with clear graphic symbols

3. Electronic correspondence can be viewed and filed against patient records

4. Microsoft Word plugin


Security and compliance

Argus uses national infrastructure and is compliant with Australian eHealth and privacy standards including:

  • National Health Services Directory (NHSD)
  • Secure Message Delivery (SMD)
  • eHealth Practice Incentives Program (ePIP)
  • HL7 and CDA message and document formats

All email inquiries are directed to Telstra Health's Argus team based in Victoria, Australia. We will aim to respond to your query within 5 business days.