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Hospital Quality Care at Home

For over a decade, we have worked closely with Australian hospitals, allied health, aged care, and community care providers to establish Hospital In The Home (HITH) programs with proven results.

Our goal is to equip organisations to provide high-quality and personalised care in the home while reducing costs, minimising hospital-related complications, and improving the overall patient experience.

A recent study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, indicated that the provision of our virtual care technology had a positive clinical and financial impact including:

  • 51% REDUCTION in hospital readmission risk – 43% to 21%
  • 3.2 Day REDUCTION in length of stay – 7.2 to 4.0 days
  • $3,698 SAVING on average per admission
  • 73% REDUCTION in risk of hospital readmission within 28 days for the same diagnosis-related group – 18% to 4%

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Virtual Care technology backed by results*

51 %

REDUCTION in hospital readmission risk

3.2 Day

REDUCTION in length of stay

$ 3698

SAVING on average per admission

*Based on a 2023 study

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Our team specialises in designing and implementing technology for clinical programs like HITH. These programs manage various disease-related groups, such as congestive heart failure, cellulitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and more.

Using our award-winning Virtual Health Platform, we work with you to leverage the platform’s capabilities to align with your organisation’s unique needs. This may involve virtual rounds, handling clinical observations from patients, or operational components such as equipment management, logistics and cleaning being delivered as a service.

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