With rising pressure on health services to deliver safe, effective and timely patient care, outdated hospital communication systems are due for an overhaul.

This is why Telstra Health is working closely with Medtasker to provide an enterprise grade hospital communication and task management platform. It is built on a foundation of international health standards, including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and HL7.

Benefits of using Medtasker*

90 %

reduction in after-hours calls to switchboard

100 %

compliance with national patient identification standards compared to 10% national average

70 %

decrease in business hours tasks requested after-hours

24 hours

saved of clinician time every two weeks

* The above statistics are based on direct feedback provided to Medtasker from Metro South Health and Northern Health.

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Benefits of Medtasker

Busy Nurse's Station In Modern Hospital

Helping to improve patient safety

Medtasker addresses:

  • Inefficiencies related to pagers with unclear escalation pathways;
  • The needs of Hospital at Night programs supported by lean multiprofessional, multispecialty teams;
  • Delayed or missed care due to critical information not being received by the right clinician; and
  • Inability to reliably call the right team to Codes and Medical Emergency Team (MET) calls.
Telstra Health Digital Hospital Emr

Helping to increase hospital efficiency

Medtasker addresses:

  • Lack of visibility and control over staff workloads;
  • Poor coordination due to multiple siloed systems; and
  • Missed revenue due to poor capture of compensable patient services.

Improving clinician workflows

Medtasker addresses:

  • Wasted time trying to contact the right person;
  • Interruptions to current activity;
  • The stress of unsustainable and uneven workloads; and
  • Overhead noise of paging and code calling.

“In just two weeks we’ve already saved over 24 hours of doctor time,” Dr. Joel Iedema, Director of Medicine at Redland Hospital, Queensland

“Medtasker has been designed by clinical staff to improve patient safety, increase hospital efficiency, and reduce medico-legal risk.”

Dr Andrew Yap | Clinical Director, Medtasker.

Medtasker Doctor Phone

Is your hospital communication system due for an overhaul?

Request more information and discover how Medtasker and Telstra Health are transforming hospital communication and task management

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Solution Overview

Untitled Design (15)

Built on a browser-based mobile application platform, Medtasker solutions are purpose-designed to enable hospital staff to create, send and respond to patient care related tasks. Each task is safely and efficiently managed by the Medtasker platform from start through to completion, throughout the entire patient hospital journey.

With advanced interoperability and integrations with key hospital and third party systems, including Telstra Health’s Kyra Flow, the Medtasker platform helps provide visibility of tasks to clinical and support staff, securely capturing real-time data for analysis. This further enables hospital management to optimise workflows and workload management, operational planning, and compliance reporting. On a strategic level, Medtasker-generated data helps to inform business and policy decisions on health service level and even a state level.

  • Hospital Task Management – Streamlined hospital task management communication

    Hospital Task Management by Medtasker is a browser-based solution for task management, communication, and collaboration. Accessible via mobile, tablet, or desktop, it allows clinical staff to create and manage patient care tasks automatically. It can be deployed on-premises or in our secure, government-approved data centre. The On-Duty-Directory integration helps to ensure accurate task delivery to the right person or teams.


    • Streamlined communication
    • Fewer disruptions for doctors
    • Better workload planning
    • Improved hospital efficiency
    • Task traceability for compliance and compensable payments
  • Calltasker – Single touch critical task delivery system

    Calltasker, built on Medtasker technology, is ideal for health services needing pre-defined tasks with clear, closed-loop communication. It helps to streamlines requests for common activities by sending tasks to the right staff with a single touch. Ideal for operating theatres and emergency departments, it helps enhance hospital workflows and collaboration.


    • Single-touch critical task delivery
    • Configure up to 16 tasks
    • Shows 100% actionable tasks
    • Improved workflows in Operating theatre, Emergency department, bed cleaning, and patient transport
  • Emergency Response – Clear, Closed Loop Emergency Calling System

    Emergency Response enables hospitals to initiate, distribute and track Code Calls, MET calls and other Emergency Responses in near real-time using Medtasker technology.


    • Pre-defined multi-disciplinary groups of emergency responders
    • Integrated with Active Directory
    • Automatic escalations
  • Integrations – Telstra Health and other systems

    With interoperability built into software design, Medtasker integrates with various hospital IT systems and third party technologies.  These integrations improve clinical collaboration along the patient hospital journey, from entering the hospital to discharge and bed cleaning.

    Key Telstra Health Integrations

    Other Systems Integrations

    • Active On-Duty Directory – AD
    • Patient Electronic Medical Record– EMR
    • Inpatients from Patient Administration System – PAS
    • Emergency Department Patients – ED
    • Non-Admitted Patients
    • Patient Journey Board / Flow
    • Automated Workflows from Third Party Systems – e.g. Bed Clean (Automated Bed Cleaning)

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