Telstra Health’s Clinical Manager software now integrates with PainChek’s digital pain assessment app to enable pain to be quickly and objectively assessed, and effectively managed.

Telstra Health’s Clinical Manager is a residential aged care software solution that helps providers effectively manage clinical documentation, administration, and care. Together Telstra Health’s Clinical Manager and PainChek actively support quality and compliance standards, giving critical time back to clinicians, and driving a focus on pain management as a key component of care.

How the integration works

The Clinical Manager and PainChek integration enables care providers to review and monitor pain assessment outcomes and document pain interventions in a single source of truth. The integration was designed in partnership between Telstra Health and PainChek, following significant time spent speaking with clients to understand a solution that would meet their needs.

Clinical Manager data, including facility and resident details, are shared in PainChek. At the same time, all PainChek pain assessments, both observational and self-reported, flow directly into Clinical Manager. This data is presented in the same way as existing Clinical Manager pain charts, providing a consistent experience for carers and clinicians who are familiar with using Clinical Manager.

Once an assessment is completed using PainChek, care providers can access it and document relevant details directly in Clinical Manager. For example:

·        Actions leading up to and following a pain assessment

·        Next steps for treatment

·        Additional observations

These details can be linked to a specific pain assessment using the standard Clinical Manager interface.

There’s also an option to export pain assessment data from Clinical Manager as an Excel sheet or chart if more specific reporting is required.

Telstra Health and PainChek are continually building on this integration to ensure the best experience for care providers.

To learn more about the Telstra Health Clinical Manager and PainChek® integration, head here.

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