Brilliant Women in Digital Health Awards 2023 nominations now open – recognising women in health and aged care

This year’s Brilliant Women in Digital Health Awards seek to recognise women from across Australia for their achievements in the health and aged care sectors.

Nominations are now open to recognise women at all stages of their careers for their contributions in five categories:

·       Advancing medical research through technology.​

·       Contribution to developing a new digital health product or technology. ​

·       Achieving health outcomes using technology.​

·       Contribution to the growth, maturation and commercialisation of the digital health sector through innovation, leadership, support and advocacy.​

·       Introducing a new digital process to improve clinician and patient experiences in health and aged care.​

In addition, a Judge’s Choice Award will recognise outstanding contributions and achievements in the sector.

Elizabeth Koff AM, Managing Director, Telstra Health said:
“Gender diversity is a critical driver of success in today’s workplaces and communities. By embracing the full spectrum of talent and perspectives, we unlock new ideas, new solutions, and new opportunities for growth and innovation. I’m proud the Brilliant Connected Women in Digital Health Awards bring prominence to women who are having a positive impact on the digital health industry, enhancing the patient and clinician experience and delivering better care outcomes.”

We are proud once again to have four eminent judges from across the health and aged care sectors who will select the award recipients to be recognised at awards events in October.

Professor Ngiare Brown, Chair National Mental Health Commission and Founding Director, Ngaoara said:

 “As a judge for the Brilliant Women in Digital Health Awards, I encourage and welcome entries from a diverse range of entrants, including First Nations people. The digital health industry benefits greatly from the unique perspectives and experiences of individuals from all walks of life. Your contributions are valuable, and I look forward to seeing the innovative and ground-breaking work that will be showcased through these awards.”

Dr Steve Hambleton, Board Director, Digital Health CRC said:

 “In recent years, we have seen a remarkable surge in the adoption of digital health solutions within the health and aged care industries. It’s a privilege to acknowledge the women who are leading the charge towards a future that is both digitally empowered and inter-connected across the sector.”

Professor Jane Halton AO PSM said:

 “We invite women from diverse backgrounds and fields who have contributed significantly to digital innovation in health and aged care to submit their nominations or nominate someone they know. We strongly encourage applicants at all stages of their careers to participate in this opportunity to highlight and celebrate our achievements, which can frequently go unnoticed. By embracing gender diversity, we can help pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable health and aged care sector in Australia.”

Dr Louise Schaper, CEO, Australian Institute of Digital Health said:

“Digital health is a rapidly evolving field that faces challenges in attracting and retaining top talent. Women have played a crucial role in shaping the sector, often coming from clinical backgrounds to contribute their expertise. By recognising and celebrating the accomplishments of these trailblazers, we send a powerful message to the next generation of women that their contributions are valued and that they have a vital role to play in shaping the future of digital health.”

How to nominate:

·       Individuals are invited to self-nominate or nominate another person by Friday 30 June at 5pm AEST.

·       Visit the website for further information and to complete the online nomination.

The awards program recognises the exceptional contributions of women and individuals who identify as women in the digital health sector.

Award recipients will be asked to share their story to inspire others and raise awareness of the opportunities in digital health and will be connected to a network of people within digital health and become part of the alumni.

There will also be many ongoing opportunities as part of the Brilliant Connected Women in Digital Health network, in terms of events, publications, speaking occasions and overall profiling.

For any awards enquiries or more information, please contact

For all media enquiries: Please contact Alex White Head of Corporate Affairs at Telstra Health

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