In 2023, the Brilliant Connected Women In Digital Health Network at Telstra Health recognised nine women who have made remarkable achievements in the digital health industry through the Brilliant Women in Digital Health Awards.

More recently, Talking HealthTech, a podcast that features all things about technology in healthcare, interviewed four of the award winners, Sonika Tyagi, Arcot Sowmya, Frances Kay-Lambkin, and Kate Taylor to hear how they are driving innovation and excellence in healthcare.

A central theme that came from their discussions was integrating digital solutions into healthcare. Sonika Tyagi expressed that there is a need to make data meaningful within healthcare workflows – this outlook ensures that digital innovations can improve patient care in an effective and efficient manner.

Frances Kay-Lambkin and Arcot Sowmya echoed each other when it came to teamwork and the power of collective efforts. A collective and unified effort can drive groundbreaking breakthroughs in healthcare technology. The work they have already done has shown the significance of having a supportive community that fosters innovation and trust.

The integration of AI and digital tools is a huge growth area for healthcare now and in the years to come. Kate Taylor mentioned the need to keep in-mind human-centred innovation in technology. We need to keep front-of-mind the need to include individual patient needs when balancing technological advancements with essential elements of healthcare including empathy and understanding.

And finally, the women discussed the role of education and mentorship and the importance of empowering the future of Healthcare Tech. Sonika Tyagi highlighted the need to continue making the industry a supportive environment for the next generation of healthcare technologists.

Celebrating the Brilliant Women in Digital Health in 2023 – Telstra Health – Talking HealthTech

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