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Kyra Clinical – An EMR solution for Private Hospitals

A recent Australian workforce report found that over half of surveyed clinicians believe their workplace is open to adopting new technology to ease their workload 1, with ‘virtual care’ and ‘Electronic Medical Records (EMR)’ most commonly cited for improving patient care.

While the benefits of EMRs are widely recognised, the journey to successful adoption can seem daunting. Telstra Health’s extensive experience in working with Australian hospitals has underpinned the design of Kyra Clinical, our EMR solution, to ensure it effectively addresses the common challenges private hospitals face.

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Kyra Clinical – Supporting our healthcare workforce through digitally-enabled care

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Kyra Clinical can help support:

1. More efficient patient care

  • Streamlined processes: Kyra Clinical digitises workflows, helping reduce administrative burdens, centralising patient information and assisting timely access to complete care records, eliminating the need to chase up missing details.  Kyra Clinical natively meets the Australian Digital Health Agency’s requirement to upload discharge summaries to My Health Record.
  • Interoperability at the forefront: Kyra Clinical connects siloed information from disparate clinical, business and patient management systems with a wide range of specialised systems, including pathology, radiology, patient monitoring and pharmacy systems.
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2. Improved workforce satisfaction

  • User-friendly interface: Attracting and retaining clinical staff is a challenge in the current environment. Kyra Clinical’s intuitive interface helps to reduce the time typically involved in training needs, enabling staff to quickly become proficient users and encouraging improved workforce satisfaction.
  • Mobility functionality: Clinicians can access and update patient information on the go from desktops, tablets or mobile devices, providing flexibility and helping to enhance job satisfaction through a more dynamic workflow.
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3. Enhanced patient journey

  • Improved patient management and experiences: By providing seamless access to key clinical information, Kyra Clinical helps to ensure timely and accurate care decisions can be made, enhancing the overall patient experience and improving patient outcomes.
  • Connectivity with primary care: Kyra Clinical supports seamless integration with primary care providers, helping to strengthen referral pathways and create comprehensive discharge summaries that upload to MyHR and GP PMS’s. This helps to ensure that GPs and other primary care providers can easily access the appropriate hospital care, updated communication between the hospital and primary care provided and a smooth transition for the continuity of patient care.
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Australia’s only home grown EMR solution, Kyra Clinical is modular, scalable and integrates with systems across the Australian healthcare sector.

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1 Deloitte. (2024). Australia’s Health Reimagined: Voice of the Workforce. Available at:

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Key features

  • Care coordination
  • Clinical documentation
  • Clinical decision support
  • Centralised and connected clinical data