Communicare supports multi-disciplinary health services, primary health providers and community services throughout Australia, helping to deliver quality care across every state and territory – no matter where they are based.

Key features

  • Record patient information across all areas of your organisation.
  • Highly customisable system that enables unified service integration.
  • Provides a holistic, patient-centric view across the entire patient journey through health services.
  • Serves as a single source of truth to help improve reporting and decision making.
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Specialising in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

Communicare is Australia’s leading health software supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations who deal with complex care needs in Indigenous and remote communities. The software assists healthcare providers in their implementation of preventative healthcare measures and has an offline mode that allows for viewing and capturing data in remote communities

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Supporting multi-disciplinary health services, primary health providers and community services

Communicare provides a holistic, patient-centric view and equips your organisation with the tools to streamline the entire patient journey, so staff can manage patients effectively – all from one system in real time.

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An integrated and collaborative approach to community healthcare

Community healthcare organisations typically offer complex and diverse programs and services. Communicare provides a single, easy to navigate source of patient information that helps keep everyone on the same page about the care they are providing.


Better reporting for funding and service planning

Codified clinical data enables accurate and complete reporting to funding bodies. This saves time and assists organisations to better understand the populations they serve so they can plan and deliver better services.

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