Why Telstra Health? 

Rigorous governance and clinical input at scale ensures our solutions are safe, secure and high-quality, enabling customers to leverage the unique capability, security and reach of Telstra.

Telstra Health has deep experience in the intersection between healthcare and cyber security.

Telstra Health has deep experience in the intersection between healthcare and cyber security. We understand:

  • The current and emerging threats that you face (because we face them ourselves) and how to overcome these
  • Healthcare security challenges; and
  • Your cyber security risk profile and appetite for determining how our solutions meet your data security requirements.

How do we secure our solutions?

We employ formalised internal and external facing Information Security Governance Forums for ongoing management of Information Security Risks and Issues. Our body of Information Security skills and experience make Telstra Health uniquely placed to assist with delivering Health Grade solutions incorporating extremely high standards of Security.

Where data confidentiality is concerned, strong cryptography has been implemented across all tiers of our solutions, backed by the Telstra Security Operations Centre decreasing the likelihood of side-channel access to data.

We secure our solutions by:

Embedding our cyber security principles and cyber security framework into our designs, requirements and processes (in addition to everything we do);

Integrating our security engineers and architects into all areas of the solution from day zero, and delivering key project activities;

Integrating and automating our best-of-breed security toolsets, platforms, and technologies into the build;

Aligning and monitoring our solution against secure development and architectural standards; and

Educating and empowering our developers, engineers and analysts to be security-minded, and security-focused as we know that cyber security is everyone’s responsibility.

Our Security by Design Philosophy

At Telstra Health, we maintain a strong, robust cyber security framework – which ensures that all of our solutions align to industry leading practices, standards and compliance frameworks.

Our cyber security policy framework is made up of overarching policy requirements, technology specific standards, implementation checklists and architectural design patterns – all of which map back to the Australian Information Security Manual, ISO 27001 and the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

We enable our product and development teams to align our software to these requirements as seamlessly as possible. We do this by building standardised architectural patterns, infrastructure templates and conducting continuous security monitoring. This is all done in alignment with our core principle of Security by Design.

For Telstra Health, Secure by Design is about embedding security into the DNA of our solutions. The benefits of Secure by Design and cyber security being considered from the beginning include:

Protecting against a negative user experience due to security defects;

  • Maximising productivity and efficiency of our development and minimising impact to delivery processes;
  • Speeding up mean time to detect and resolve vulnerabilities found before they can have any real impact; and
  • Feeling assurance that the solution, and critical patient data are safe, secure and resilient against a potential attack.
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