Key features

  • A single gateway for prospective and current partners to integrate new technology and educational content across Telstra Health’s portfolio of digital health solutions.
  • Three key solutions: Smart Clinician, Smart Manager and Smart Marketplace.
  • With web-based applications, Smart Connected Care enables cloud technology adoption for both cloud and on-premise users.
  • Unparalleled clinical governance and data security ensure patient safety and privacy.
  • Reach Clinicians and Managers with clinical content and CPD-accredited educational content in a seamless, streamlined manner.

About Smart Connected Care

Telstra Health Smart Connected Care is the culmination of innovation and dedication, comprising of three key solutions: Smart Clinician, Smart Manager and Smart Marketplace. Each solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools for enhancing care delivery.

With web-based applications integrated within the solution, Smart Connected Care allows users of both cloud and on-premise technology to benefit from cloud technology to innovate in multiple aspects of clinical care and management.

Smart Connected Care leverages the existing partnerships of MedicalDirector, acquired by Telstra Health in 2021, and extends to Telstra Health’s other clinical software solutions.

Smart Connected Care provides an integrated approach to practice and provider software, and is redefining what’s possible for both practitioners, managers and patients. Efficiently reach clinicians and managers with clinical and CPD-accredited educational content in a streamlined, user-friendly manner, enhancing collaboration and knowledge dissemination within healthcare ecosystems.