Telstra Health is committed to gender equality and recognises that there is more to do across the organisation to improve our gender pay gap.

Over several years we have implemented a number of initiatives and policies to improve our gender pay gaps, including increasing the number of women in senior leadership roles, identifying specific gender pay disparities and continuing to address them directly. However, as the Telstra Health business has expanded, through a number of mergers and acquisitions of software businesses and commencement of new business services in the health care and social care area, there has been a change in our gender pay mix.

We recognise that the industry benchmark report compares employers based on a single industry category, as determined by the Agency. As an organisation primarily engaged in the development of software solutions – which incorporates information, professional and technical services – the composition of our workforce will be different from many of the employers reported in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry category, which Telstra Health are compared with from an industry benchmark perspective.

That being said Telstra Health have a number of initiatives in place to ensure that the way we pay our employees is free from gender bias.

We have policies in place such as gender-neutral parental leave benefits to support all employees but to specifically ensure flexible work arrangements are available to help women re-enter the workforce earlier.

We have an employee value proposition that talks to our purpose for all employees.

Our talent attraction program ensures that we are able to attract women to technical roles.

Additionally, Telstra Health’s annual remuneration review process includes specific gender pay analysis that informs decision making regarding remuneration outcomes across all levels of the organisation.

We know that we can do more to improve our gender pay gap and we will. Telstra Health will continue to pursue opportunities that deliver improved gender equality in all areas of our business. In the short-term, this will include identifying areas where we can make immediate improvements and doing so; through on-going remuneration review process audits; promoting pay transparency; and consistently reviewing our pay gaps by seniority and by comparable roles across all of our business units.