Read Michael’s story on becoming a Strategy Graduate in the Telstra Health team

“I was attracted to the Telstra Health Graduate Program as I was looking for both a structured learning and development program alongside one which would challenge me to step outside of my comfort zones and develop my career in a fast-paced technological environment.

Alongside this, I was looking to work with a company with that I resonated with a vision, purpose and values that I really connected with, and Telstra Health’s overall vision to realise a connected and improved digital health experience for all encompassed this entirely.

Choosing Telstra Health’s Graduate Program was an easy decision; the work we do here directly impacts the healthcare system and you’re able to see the value your work contributes in helping others in the real world.

One of the key highlights of my time in Telstra Health’s Graduate Program has been all of the formal and informal opportunities for learning and developing as well as meeting new people throughout the organisation. The Graduate Program is supported by a foundational learning and development program allowing us to focus on core early-career principals that align to the work we do and where we are in our graduate journey.

For example, we have had sessions on setting career goals, building our personal brand, connecting with others and the value of feedback. Each session builds on the last as we grow throughout the program.

A common theme of my time at Telstra Health has been the continuous engagement with my team and people in different roles and positions across the organisation. I’ve found that Telstra Health places a strong value on collaboration and teamwork with lots of opportunities for brainstorms and thinking differently about create solutions to challenges. Even though your days are never quite the same, it’s always great knowing you have an approachable team around you to support you.

My favourite part about being in Telstra Health’s Graduate Program is how unique every day is – a great way to stay busy, meet new people and learn new skills. Some days are filled with market research deep dives, and other days involve engaging with stakeholders and assisting on interesting projects.

Outside of the Graduate Program, Telstra Health offers a lot of opportunities in a variety of fields to help set up and grow your career. I was fortunate to recently participate in Telstra Health’s group mentoring and coaching program whereby we worked through real business challenges as a group with coaching from a member of the Telstra Health leadership team.”  

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