Read Caleb’s story on becoming a Business Analyst Graduate in the Telstra Health team

“Upon completing my University degree I wanted to be able to put my learning to good use in a large corporation, and Telstra Heath has been the perfect place to do so. Telstra Health’s Graduate Program has been an opportunity to work with professionals and subject matter experts in the digital health sector to enrich and advance my professional skillsets.  

Working specifically within the 1800RESPECT team at Telstra Health, I’ve had many opportunities to make enhancements and improvements to the systems that our First Response Counsellors use to support people in Australia who are experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, domestic, family and sexual violence.  

Through the program, I’ve been able to liaise with a range of interesting people in a variety of fields, including internal and external stakeholders in diverse roles, developers, and clinical experts. I’ve learnt more about the value in listening to and better understanding people’s needs for creating successful project development plans and solution implementations.  

My time in the Graduate Program has been a very fulfilling experience in which I know that the work I do and the team I work with are truly making a difference to some of the most vulnerable people in society.”

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