The CEOs of Telstra and Microsoft are encouraging 252 fellow members of the Champions of Change Coalition to step up the co-ordination of programs that reduce gender discrimination in the digital economy. 

Telstra CEO Andy Penn said:

“Technology developed with women’s needs in mind does have the potential to be more marketable, profitable, and to increase safety and outcomes. As we start to adopt technology such as AI, we need to ensure we don’t entrench unconscious bias into the next great leap forward. We need to discuss the future of AI before the entrenched inequality of the past becomes the entrenched inequality of the future.”

Telstra Health Managing Director Professor Mary Foley AM said the health industry was on the cusp of a major digital revolution and women should not be left behind. Last year, Telstra Health started a networking group called “Brilliant Connected Women in Digital Health”, which has grown to 1000 members, with a vision to share ideas, create new connections, inspire opportunities and celebrate the successes and outstanding activity of women in the sector.

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