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24 x 7 definitive GP care by phone or video - not just advice

ReadyCare is the smart, convenient way for your staff, members and customers to speak to a GP anytime, anywhere.

It's not always easy for Australians to get to their usual GP at a convenient time.

Studies have found that in Australia each year over 88 million days are lost due to absenteeism, at a cost of $27.5 billion in sick leave costs and lost productivity. Illness such as cold/flu, headaches, and gastro are primary reasons.1

The seven million people living in rural and regional Australia consult their GP significantly less than the national average.2

And around 2.2 million Emergency Department presentations per year could be treated by a GP.3

Imagine if you could provide your staff, members or customers easy access to a GP 24/7. 

What is ReadyCare?

ReadyCare is Australia’s first purpose built telemedicine service where you can talk to a doctor in Australia, via phone 24/7 and receive advice, diagnosis, prescriptions, care and treatment for a wide range of conditions and illnesses. It complements the care provided by your regular GP, during those hours and situations when they can’t. 

What can a ReadyCare GP treat?

A ReadyCare GP can assist you with common ailments such as cold and flu, skin conditions, prescriptions for common medications and referrals to specialists.

With your permission, ReadyCare will share the details of your consultation with your regular GP to ensure continuity of your health care.

How it works

1. Call ReadyCare

Individual calls ReadyCare on 
(1800 732 392)

2. Give your details

They give their details and a summary of their condition so we can ensure a ReadyCare GP can help

3. GP calls back

A ReadyCare GP will call them at the appointment time


ReadyCare may not be suitable for all circumstances or conditions and cannot be used in emergencies or for life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

If you require emergency assistance, call 000 for immediate help.