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Deliver a high level of care to clients in their homes

MyCareManager helps you work smarter, with less travel and increased efficiency - in turn, helping reduce the cost of delivering health and community care services. It also empowers clients to be more involved in their care, and keep family and carers informed.

About MyCareManager


MyCareManager has four key modules that can be implemented individually, or combined for a powerful, integrated home health monitoring solution. 

  • MyCareManager Companion
    A personalised tablet-based platform, powered by Breezie, designed for older Australians. The simple to use interface helps remove the complexities of touch-screen tablet technology, without sacrificing any of its benefits of being connected online.
  • MyCareManager Portals
    The portal is a real-time dashboard of client health information.The portal includes medication details, service schedules, care plans from clinical and client management systems and readings from health devices. Use the portal to set alerts to remind clients to take medications and tests. Gather data using assessments and surveys relevant to the client’s condition. 

  • MyCareManager Monitoring
    Collects data from medical devices such as weighing scales, glucose monitors and pulse oximeters. It enables remote monitoring of chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, asthma and hypertension. If readings are outside prescribed parameters, MyCareManager can be set up to send alerts to the patient’s elected care team. 

  • MyCareManager Video
    High-definition video conferencing means care teams can video call clients to discuss care plan tasks, assist with medication, observe wounds or discuss an out of range reading. It also supports case conferencing between remote care team members.